9 Internet Marketing Books That Are Free On Amazon Right Now

One of my favorite sources of internet marketing books are Kindle books on Amazon. Since internet marketing changes so fast and there’s always more to learn, I dedicate time each week to learning more so I can improve my business.

Lately, I’ve spent more on blogging and internet marketing books or products than physical products. 2016 is the year I’m going to focus on building my blog. That means SEO, content marketing, guest posting, social media contests and Facebook marketing.

If you want to buy a book for a gift or a physical book, Amazon has 30% off a book right now (most but not all books qualify). This is my favorite book deal of the year. Up to a $10 max discount. Go to  Use code HOLIDAY30
The LAST DAY to use it is Sunday, Nov. 29th!

I don’t know how long these books will be free, so download them right away. Together the total value of these books is $92.97! I only chose books that were very highly rated in their Amazon reviews (4 or more stars).

9 internet marketing books that are free right now on Amazon:

Marketing books free on Amazon

  1. Finding a Niche – Beginner’s Guide to Market Research (Niche, Marketing, Start a Business, Business Plan, Online Business, Market Research, Selling, Getting Customers): BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDED.
    Regular price $4.99 (affiliate link – as are all of the rest)
    Finding a Nice A Beginner's Guide to Market Research 
  2. Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing (2nd Edition).
    Regular price: $21.99

    Digital Minds 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing
  3. Time Management: Screw Self Discipline with this Uncommon Guide – Procrastination, Productivity & Get Organized (BONUS: 10 Productivity Hacks) (Willpower, Getting Things Done, Achieve Your Goals)
    Regular price: $9.99

    Time Management: Screw Self Discipline with this Uncommon Guide
  4. Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential
    Regular price $23.87
    Mass Influence The Habits of the Highly Influential
  5. How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers (Better Blog Booklets Book 1)
    Regular price: .99
    How to Write Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers
  6. Facebook: Facebook Marketing: 25 Best Strategies on Using Facebook for Advertising, Business and Making Money Online: *FREE BONUS: ‘SEO 2016’ Included!* … Marketing Strategies, Passive Income)
    Regular price $9.99
    Facebook Marketing 25 Best Strategies on Using Facebook for Advertising Business and Making Money Online
  7. Social Media: Social Media Marketing Strategies with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instragram & LinkedIn: *FREE BONUS: SEO 2016: Complete Guide to Search … Marketing, Online Business, Passive Income)
    Regular price: $9.99

    Social Media: Social Media Marketing Strategies with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instragram & LinkedIn
  8. Internet Marketing: Beginner’s Guide: 17 Proven Online Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online: FREE BONUS ‘SEO 2016: A Complete Guide on Search Engine Optimization’ (Passive Income)
    Regular price: $9.99

  9. Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words (a 15 minute read)
    Regular price .99
    Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words

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BIG List of Black Friday Deals for Products Created by Bloggers


BIG List of Blogger’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals #BlogFriday

I always like to support other bloggers and I often buy their products. Many times it’s tough to find them unless you follow the specific blogger who is selling an ebook or other product. I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to them by giving you the best prices of the year during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

It’s fun to see the variety of products, platforms and ideas bloggers have. Instead of shop local, I say shop blogs! #shopblogs #blogfriday

The first group is ebooks BY BLOGGERS FOR BLOGGERS. These help you with some aspect of blogging. The second group includes ebooks or products created by bloggers but aren’t specifically about blogging.

Note: Some on the list include affiliate links, thank you for using those links!

Big list of blogger deals for #BlogFriday

—- Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals
From Bloggers For Bloggers —-


Billie of Growing My Blog


Select marketing services and eCourses on sale, including eCourses that are starting January 2016.

Here are some examples: eCourses on Blogging for Beginners, WordPress for Beginners, Essential SEO Guide, How to Make Money With Amazon, How to Monetize Your Blog, and more. Sign up now before they are launched and save money!!!

No codes needed from Friday Nov, 27- Monday Nov. 29. The prices will be adjusted during the promotion time. Click here during that time to get the prices.

Hilary from Pulling Curls.

Love her income reports and Hilary even if you don’t publish your own, this handy spreadsheet makes it easy to track your blog growth and earnings. It’s $10 through Sunday when it will go up to $15.


  • Tracks pageviews and individual visitors (plus a collumn for goals for next month!)
  • Tracks multiple sources of income, including impressions and clicks
  • Tracks the % change from month to month on all these numbers.
  • Calculates the average change month/month
  • Calculates each network’s CPM, as well as  a total CPM for all your earnings
  • A place for your sponsored posts
  • Track income each month (a great way to make sure you’re getting paid!)
  • A place to quickly input expenses so it’s easy to track them down come tax time.

Get the blog income spreadsheet here.

Pauline from Hip Media Kits.


Get 60% off a media kit from Friday to Monday. Just use coupon code: BlackFriday here.

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This Fine Young Gentleman Is a Fine Young Businessman

I wrote this story for a Utah community newspaper about the launch of a clothing line. To me the story wasn’t about fashion at all though. It was about the perseverance, generosity and passion of a young entrepreneur.

I think many times about something Nick asked me at the end of our interview. He asked if I was going to write good things about him (or something like that). It took me off guard. The whole interview he had my respect and admiration but I didn’t show it because I was trying to get the story.

There’s no way I would write anything bad about him. This is a story of a young black man who lives in Utah and launched his own business. The brand name FYG stands for Fly Young Gentleman. Even though I don’t wear streetwear and am far from the hip hop culture, I’m rooting for Nick. I hope this young man does indeed fly.

FYG Clothing Launches Streetwear Fashion Line the Same Day As Kanye West

 By Janet Thaeler

Nick Edward has lived all over the world but if you ask where he’s from he’ll say Ogden. He is building a brand in an unlikely place, using social media sites like Instagram to grow his business. His streetwear line launched the same day as Kayne West launched his Yeezy Season 1 collection.

FYG Clothing made a bold move. On October 29, 2015, the brand launched their new line of street fashion, the same day musician and business person Kanye West launched his newest and much-anticipated Yeezy Season 1 collection.

The differences are obvious. Kanye’s collection is priced for the ultra rich. A camouflage trench coat is almost $2,500 and only available at high-end retailers like Mr. Porter and Barneys. FYG Clothing, by Nick Edward, is online only and has prices like you’d find at the mall.

FYG, which stands for Fly Young Gentlemen was started Nick’s senior year of high school. He’s a really big Kayne fan. “I decided to drop our Fall/Winter line the same day as Kanye’s Yeezy Season 1,” Nick said. “We’ve titled the line Finesser Collection, being that we design street wear and the word Finesse is being thrown around like crazy by our target audience!”


Looks from the FYG Finesser Collection. The line wasn’t live at press time and FYG didn’t want to release any details other than the sweatpants. Check online at shopfyg.com to see the new line.

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Why Bloggers Should Join the Craftsy Affiliate Program

Bloggers, are you part of the Craftsy affiliate program?

Craftsy is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I highly recommend it to bloggers. Craftsy is part of ShareASale – sign up for the Craftsy affiliate program here. Note: there are affiliate links in this post.

First, What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is an online education site. They feature professionally-produced pre-recorded online courses (tutorials). They have classes, both free and paid in quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, cake decorating, cooking, gardening, photography, art, jewelry and more. Plus there are craft supplies. Many of the classes are 4+ hours long, so it is in-depth training. Classes are taught by bloggers and other subject experts.

The best part is students can interact with their award-winning instructors and each other in the online classroom. You can watch classes anytime, anywhere. In addition, they sell supplies for your crafting projects.

There are many ways to monetize and promote Crafty’s program.

  1. You can use the discounts they offer for your own purchases and you are allowed to use your own affiliate link.
  2. Craftsy pays out 10% of every sale you refer. Craftsy rewards you for sending new customers – you get 75% of any sale for new customers. For existing customers, it’s 15% (for classes). For supplies and kits, it’s 10%. Cookie length is 30 days – so you get credit for any sales for up to 30 days from the time someone clicks on a link to Crafty’s site on your blog.
  3. You can link to any page on Crafty’s website and earn a commission if it leads to a sale. That means their blog posts, indie pattern designer patters, etc. ShareASale’s custom link creator tool allows you to create deep links to anywhere on Craftsy.
  4. Craftsy has banner ads that update with each new campaign. In ShareASale make sure to find the banners that say:”Bring Creativity to Life”. When you post the HTML code for those banners on your blog/site, they automatically update with every sale. There are other banner ads that you can put in your sidebar and/or your post.

    Here’s an example:Craftsy

  5. Craftsy has a huge variety of classes to choose from. There are classes on how to use a DSLR camera. Also, woodworking, cooking, sewing, quilting, gardening and more!

    6. Craftsy has frequent sales and they email affiliates weekly to let you know what is coming up. The best part is, your affiliate link is included. That saves you a lot of time going to look it up. They also give you a sneak peak about sales and other promotions.

    7. Craftsy is well managed and their affiliate manager will get back to you right away if you want to reach out. She also keeps you up-to-date on any changes or policies.
    8. You can (and should) promote their classes or supplies in your own email newsletter.

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How Business Owners Get Stuck and What to Do about It

I’ve seen it many times. Entrepreneurs that have the skills to start a new company don’t necessarily have the skills to grow that company. That inability eventually kills the company they started. An entrepreneur may not have the business skills needed for the next phase. As a friend said to me recently, “The same perspective and drive that gets things started can blind them to changing situations.”

I’ve been laid off as a result of this problem. So have my friends. It’s happening right now in companies I know: the founders are not necessarily the right people to take the company into the next stages. They hang on anyway (usually because they’ve sunk a lot of time, money and heart into their business).

I’m in awe of people like Mark Zuckerberg. He is remarkable for his ability to start out as a young programmer, and manage to see Facebook to the size it is today – to be the CEO through such incredible growth.

I reached out to  Gary Coxe, a Business and Life Strategist to give his perspective on what gets business owners stuck and what to do about it.

ON MY MIND: How does a business owner ruin their own business once they get beyond a certain size? The ‘quirks’, and/or limited beliefs, that they hold on to limit the company’s growth and the success of those involved.

Today’s world of business is so fast moving a 3-year business plan will be obsolete in 3 months. If you don’t move and evolve fast, you’ll be swallowed up and lost in this quick-shifting economy.

With that being said, you need all the odds in your favor if you want to succeed. As a Business and Life Strategist, I constantly see the mistakes people are making that keep their business from growing. One major problem is that business owners often have a mindset and ‘quirks’ that they just won’t let go of. This hurts their business.


Never forget why you’re in business. A business is created for one reason and one reason only – to make a profit. All quirks and egos must be set aside to truly succeed.  Here is perhaps the number one ‘quirk’ or limited belief that keeps a business from growing…

You Have to Do Everything Yourself
‘If you want something done right, then do it yourself’. Find me a business owner that thinks this way and I’ll show you business that will never grow to great levels. Thinking like this forces you to wear too many hats, and keeps you from hiring the right people, because you’re always going to micromanage, and never trust they can do a good job on their own. Continue reading

3D Printing Co WhiteClouds to Acquire 3Dplus Me

Ogden based 3D printing company WhiteClouds is acquiring Utah-county based 3Dplus Me. It’s being reported that WhiteClouds is now the largest full-color 3D printing service provider in world.

3Dplus Me brings big names and a wider variety of clients to WhiteClouds. They have partnered with brands such as Marvel, Hasbro, Harry Potter and others. Retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us sell their product. 3Dplus Me takes a picture of your face and transfers it onto an action figure or plush toy. It’s a great idea but outsourcing 3D printing can be expensive. With this move the printing can be done in house. Both brands expand into new applications. Cyd Tetro is the CEO.

3dPlus Me kiosk

3dPlus Me kiosk

WhiteClouds has strengths in the architecture and medical industry and can now expand further into entertainment (or consumer products).

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How To Turn Off Your Location on Facebook (From a Computer)

It seems like every few years I post something on Facebook and it shows the location I posted from. Each time I go through my privacy settings and I can’t find how to turn it off. Then I Google it, read through a bunch of answers and then remember. It’s actually very simple (but not intuitive) to turn off the location on your Facebook posts.

How to Turn Off Your Location on Facebook Posts

Go to the post that shows the location, here’s an example of one of mine:
How to delete your location from a Facebook post

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3 Utah Blogging Conferences Coming Up in 2016

Utah has a very active community of bloggers that I’ve been a part of for years. We also have a lot of blogging conferences where you can meet and learn from other bloggers as well as meet brands. Conferences are my favorite way to network.

Find a blogging conference you like and then be sure to sign up early or use the code most give to get first in line and better pricing for the next year’s conference.

The Best Blogging Conferences In Utahutah-blogging-conferences

1. Everything Food Conference – Register


Who: Specifically for food bloggers and put on by Utah food bloggers, Kami from No Diets Allowed and Sabrina who is a professional event planner. You know there will be good food when food bloggers plan something!

What: This Utah blogging conference is for food bloggers who want to grow their blogging business while enjoying engaging, hands-on experiences with other talented and seasoned food bloggers… and, of course, indulge in some crazy-good food. Everything Food will be stuffed with scrumptious food, education, photography, cooking, networking, brand relationships, and lots and lots of free stuff. Continue reading

Utah Business Event: Free Workshop in Provo For Women Business Owners

Utah business woman Kim Flynn is hosting a Master Class training experience on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 in Provo, Utah. The event is FREE and covers things like marketing, product development, finance and management. Kim is known for her no-nonsense approach and for setting up an efficient business. Though there is no charge for the event, registration is required.

The event is especially geared towards business women – whether a solo entrepreneur, business owner, or consultant. It can help businesses of all sizes. “This is a event we love hosting because we can help others make changes in their businesses, no matter how small.”

Utah business events - workshop

Flynn says women who attend will change their mindset to overcome disadvantages many Utah women face in business. These are things such as lack of peers or mentors at higher levels, not getting funding needed for growth, and fear of thinking big in their business.

One attendee said, “My time with Kim was super refreshing because it was all practical applications. She really helped me learn how to get things done, build a business and create a step by step process to achieve pretty much anything I want to accomplish. I had the best year of a 12 year career after working with Kim!”

The event is limited to 100 people. Once it is sold out, it is sold out.
Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register here.

The first 50 people will get a copy of Kim’s book, “Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business” (affiliate).

Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business

Click here to see Amazon reviews for Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business by Kim Flynn

Here are the details. Sign up and put this on your calendar immediately so you don’t forget:

Date: Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Time: 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Location: Startup Building
560 s 100 w
Provo, UT 84601
Click to Register for the Master Class

Here’s another comment, from a woman who attended a workshop:
Kim Flynn is the real deal! She is no nonsense. She is not here to motivate you. But she will bring out the best in you as you learn and grow through her programs. – Amy
I’ve known about Kim for many years. The thing that intrigues me most about attending her event is that I know her to be an expert in creating systems and structure in their business to automate it as much as possible.

I remember something Kim posted on Facebook years ago that made me think. She wondered what she should do now that her businesses weren’t running smoothly and didn’t need her as much. I thought about that a lot because I feel like I put so much into my business that it can leave me exhausted. I know I need to learn to create more systems (especially for referrals).

I do like learning from people I can relate to. I know Kim understands challenges women face in business because she has founded five business and has four children. So she knows the struggles but she also won’t let you make excuses.

Though specifically created for women, men are also invited to the event. If you don’t live in Utah she holds events in other cities besides Provo, including St. George Utah, Denver, Omaha, Scottsdale and Seattle.

How to Get Publicity For your Kickstarter Campaign

As part owner of a press release distribution site for Utah news, I see a lot of press releases about Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing campaigns. I’m actually rooting for each one to get funded. Even though some campaigns I’ve backed have either taken forever or been canceled. Still, I can’t help it. Kickstarter brings out my idealistic side and I find myself rooting for them to get funding.


Start by Getting Backers from your Own Network
The first thing I always check is where they’re campaign is at and how long it has been running. There’s probably some prediction model, but I want to see some money being raised.

Unless you truly have a killer idea or product that is newsworthy, the first phase of your Kickstarter is all about getting your network to support you. If you send your story to reporters and it looks like no one is backing your Kickstarter, it’s a tough sell. What if they cover your campaign and the project isn’t funded? They’ve just led their readers/viewers down a dead end road. The exception is if your project is truly exceptional, capitalizes on a trend, or you’ve had past success. That gives you a better chance of being covered in the news.

There is hope with a roundup post though. Especially if you give the reporter ideas on what other crowdsourced campaigns to feature (noncompeting but in the same category).

Example of the type of article I’m talking about: 17 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week:

Create a Media List
Google “name of publication” + Kickstarter to see what projects got press and by what reporter. If they’re a possible fit, add them in your media list to pitch. Example from a search of the Salt Lake Tribune. I can see about how often they’ve written about Kickstarter campaigns and what sort of angles they’ve used.

One of my clients sent out a press release but the TV station held the story until the Kickstarter campaign successfully funded. Then the station covered the story (and it was a long feature story). The story is often after – that you raised thousands of dollars – and not a story about you launching a Kickstarter campaign.

My advice is if your campaign is new, lead with the story of your product and your team and last talk about how you’re on Kickstarter. Be sure to note if you’re creating the product regardless of if it gets funded or if you have past success on Kickstarter. That builds trust.

Use Graphics To Tell and Sell on Your Kickstarter Page
Next I look at their actual page and watch their video. The page has to look attractive and that means using a lot of graphics. One of my favorite examples of excellent work is Signing Times. Their Kickstarter campaigns are amazing. Look at that campaign – you don’t really even need to read to get the major points. The points are made in the graphics. Continue reading