Utah Business Event: Free Workshop in Provo For Women Business Owners

Utah business woman Kim Flynn is hosting a Master Class training experience on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 in Provo, Utah. The event is FREE and covers things like marketing, product development, finance and management. Kim is known for her no-nonsense approach and for setting up an efficient business. Though there is no charge for the event, registration is required.

The event is especially geared towards business women – whether a solo entrepreneur, business owner, or consultant. It can help businesses of all sizes. “This is a event we love hosting because we can help others make changes in their businesses, no matter how small.”

Utah business events - workshop

Flynn says women who attend will change their mindset to overcome disadvantages many Utah women face in business. These are things such as lack of peers or mentors at higher levels, not getting funding needed for growth, and fear of thinking big in their business.

One attendee said, “My time with Kim was super refreshing because it was all practical applications. She really helped me learn how to get things done, build a business and create a step by step process to achieve pretty much anything I want to accomplish. I had the best year of a 12 year career after working with Kim!”

The event is limited to 100 people. Once it is sold out, it is sold out.
Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register here.

The first 50 people will get a copy of Kim’s book, “Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business” (affiliate).

Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business

Click here to see Amazon reviews for Playing Big: The Unsexy Truth About Succeeding in Business by Kim Flynn

Here are the details. Sign up and put this on your calendar immediately so you don’t forget:

Date: Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Time: 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Location: Startup Building
560 s 100 w
Provo, UT 84601
Click to Register for the Master Class

Here’s another comment, from a woman who attended a workshop:
Kim Flynn is the real deal! She is no nonsense. She is not here to motivate you. But she will bring out the best in you as you learn and grow through her programs. – Amy
I’ve known about Kim for many years. The thing that intrigues me most about attending her event is that I know her to be an expert in creating systems and structure in their business to automate it as much as possible.

I remember something Kim posted on Facebook years ago that made me think. She wondered what she should do now that her businesses weren’t running smoothly and didn’t need her as much. I thought about that a lot because I feel like I put so much into my business that it can leave me exhausted. I know I need to learn to create more systems (especially for referrals).

I do like learning from people I can relate to. I know Kim understands challenges women face in business because she has founded five business and has four children. So she knows the struggles but she also won’t let you make excuses.

Though specifically created for women, men are also invited to the event. If you don’t live in Utah she holds events in other cities besides Provo, including St. George Utah, Denver, Omaha, Scottsdale and Seattle.

How to Get Publicity For your Kickstarter Campaign

As part owner of a press release distribution site for Utah news, I see a lot of press releases about Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing campaigns. I’m actually rooting for each one to get funded. Even though some campaigns I’ve backed have either taken forever or been canceled. Still, I can’t help it. Kickstarter brings out my idealistic side and I find myself rooting for them to get funding.


Start by Getting Backers from your Own Network
The first thing I always check is where they’re campaign is at and how long it has been running. There’s probably some prediction model, but I want to see some money being raised.

Unless you truly have a killer idea or product that is newsworthy, the first phase of your Kickstarter is all about getting your network to support you. If you send your story to reporters and it looks like no one is backing your Kickstarter, it’s a tough sell. What if they cover your campaign and the project isn’t funded? They’ve just led their readers/viewers down a dead end road. The exception is if your project is truly exceptional, capitalizes on a trend, or you’ve had past success. That gives you a better chance of being covered in the news.

There is hope with a roundup post though. Especially if you give the reporter ideas on what other crowdsourced campaigns to feature (noncompeting but in the same category).

Example of the type of article I’m talking about: 17 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week:

Create a Media List
Google “name of publication” + Kickstarter to see what projects got press and by what reporter. If they’re a possible fit, add them in your media list to pitch. Example from a search of the Salt Lake Tribune. I can see about how often they’ve written about Kickstarter campaigns and what sort of angles they’ve used.

One of my clients sent out a press release but the TV station held the story until the Kickstarter campaign successfully funded. Then the station covered the story (and it was a long feature story). The story is often after – that you raised thousands of dollars – and not a story about you launching a Kickstarter campaign.

My advice is if your campaign is new, lead with the story of your product and your team and last talk about how you’re on Kickstarter. Be sure to note if you’re creating the product regardless of if it gets funded or if you have past success on Kickstarter. That builds trust.

Use Graphics To Tell and Sell on Your Kickstarter Page
Next I look at their actual page and watch their video. The page has to look attractive and that means using a lot of graphics. One of my favorite examples of excellent work is Signing Times. Their Kickstarter campaigns are amazing. Look at that campaign – you don’t really even need to read to get the major points. The points are made in the graphics.

Don’t make me read too much. Let me skim!

Regularly Update your Facebook Profile or Page with your Progress
Then I go check out their Facebook page to see how they’re promoting their campaign. I hate to it when there is no mention of the campaign or infrequent updates. Again, use graphics. Update your network and let them know how the campaign is going. Get them emotionally involved in the game by giving them the play-by-play. It’s an emotional ride for you, have them jump on. Once they’re hooked on the story they will support you and be rooting for you.

Thank or comment back to every single Facebook mention or comment. That ensures that more people see your campaign. You can tag your friends in posts. Let people know more facts about the process or product, your team, or other details about your project. Share your video and images. Definitely share links/video and tag the news station on your post if you do get media coverage.

I made up a fictional company called Fancy Tent. Here’s an image that motivates people to back you.

Example of Promoting your Kickstarter on Facebook

As you get closer to the end of the campaign, update your Facebook page more often. Only 4 hours left, please help now, etc. Have you ever listened to NPR’s fund drives on the radio? They tell you how much time is left, how many people have called in, and how much more they have to raise in the next hour. Follow that model, except on Facebook and other social media. I prefer Facebook overall because so the most people are on Facebook, but it depends on your product.

Don’t Just Post Pictures on Facebook Without Writing Something First
One client simply posted an image over and over without writing any story. I told them to start giving details and sharing the journey to being funded. Write something. You could post a screenshot of your funding page and write: “Hooray, we have 10 more backers today! Only $7,000 away from being funded!” Always put a link to your Kickstarter page. You can use URL shortener bitly to create a shorter and customized link. So instead of bit.ly/425chdkcu it could be more a memorable – bit.ly/fancytent

You could write something like this:

We have almost reached our Half-Way Point!
We are at $4,330 with 22 DAYS LEFT!!!!!
Thank You SOOOO Much to everyone who has help contribute to this project!!!

Reminder that The Fancy Tent project will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged by Fri, Feb 27, 2015 3:46 PM EST on Kickstarter.

Donate Now @: (link)


Update your Kickstarter Page When you Get Media Coverage
My friend Austin and his wife raised over $72,000 for their Kickstarter, Life on Bitcoin. One reason they got press is because the angle was so compelling. Bitcoin was newer (in the news a lot) and they decided to spent the first few months of their marriage trying to pay for everything with the digital currency. They decided to make a documentary about it. They’re good on camera and it was a trendy topic with a unique spin. It got press.

Instead of mowing lawns for a summer job, my son’s friend made comic books and raised $1,700 on Kickstarter. Not bad for a kid who was too young to get a job. I think that makes a good story that the media would love. There are a ton of Kickstarters for comic books, but how many have that unique angle? I wrote about it.

If or when you get press, put the logo or quotes on your Kickstarter page.


When You Get Funded, Celebrate and Thank Everyone
Remember when you get to this point, it couldn’t have been possible without the crowd. The beauty of Kickstarter is the community that it can build for you. So you don’t just have customers, you have people who love you. When you are successful it’s time to share the love and let everyone know how much you appreciate them backing you.



There are my tips from talking to entrepreneurs and telling their stories. I hope they’ve been helpful.

What tips can you share about getting publicity for a Kickstarter campaign? Or, if you have a story to share about getting publicity for your Kickstarter project, I’d love to hear it. 

Affiliate Summit: Why Bloggers Should Go

Bloggers are used to going to conferences for bloggers. It’s important to network with other bloggers and learn. However, some bloggers aren’t as business-minded as they could be. Or they hear the same things over & over.

Affiliate Summit is a conference all about affiliate marketing. It’s a great place to challenge yourself to learn from another industry. Plus, there are different sponsors than you usually get at blogging conferences (less competition).

I get new clients and make friends at Affiliate Summit. Shout out to Will at Travel Blog Breakthrough and Wendy from Sweetie’s Sweeps! I believe Wendy was the first blogger I ever met at Affiliate Summit.

Why Bloggers ShouldGo To Affiliate Summit (1)

You probably already know that I love affiliate marketing for bloggers. You don’t have to wait until you have a certain number of pageviews to get started. Even a new blogger can start earning money with affiliate links. Plus, you can associate with larger brands that you’d otherwise might not have a chance to work with, through their affiliate program. There is plenty of opportunity, if you go after it.

Bloggers usually have high quality content and an audience that is appealing to affiliate managers. Many just lack the know-how. That’s why you should go to Affiliate Summit.

Affiliate Summit is a big conference. It’s full of entrepreneurs and self-made people (just like bloggers). You find the high and low rollers all coming to do deals. The guy sitting next to you (the majority of attendees are men) may be a multi-millionaire but you’d never know it.

Do you know every year Shawn Collins blogs about scholarships for Affiliate Summit and every year they are begging for applicants? If you’re a blogger and this is your first time, be sure to apply. Or, just get a ticket. The early bird price is lower than it’s been in years.

Ticket Prices to Affiliate Summit Have Dropped For the First Time in 10 Years

For 2016, Affiliate Summit lowered the price for the two highest passes. The VIP and All Access passes cost less – by hundreds of dollars each.

The VIP pass (my favorite) was $879 (early bird). It is now $579. It includes all of the sessions, meals, videos, etc. The food is always really good. It’s really nice to eat at the conference and save your feet from walking the Strip looking for a place and waiting in long lines.

Register For an Affiliate Summit VIP Pass

If you are already a successful blogger and want to have even more opportunity, here’s the next step up. The early bird price for the All Access pass went from $1,879 to $1,379.

Register For an Affiliate Summit All Access Pass

Make sure to book your pass before prices go up after October 23, 2015.

I go to most often to Affiliate Summit West – I’ve only been to Affiliate Summit East once. Vegas is close and I learn so much at Affiliate Summit. Not just about affiliate marketing but marketing in general. I’m planning to go this year too.

If you go, look at the sponsors and decide which ones you want to meet. Some of them will reach out beforehand to schedule a meeting time with you. Or you could reach out to them. Come with ideas. Talk to the speakers.

Let’s say the affiliate manager from Under Armour is speaking. You can go up after and introduce yourself and what you blog about. Ask how the brand works with bloggers. Ask questions about their presentation. Many are very willing to help. The more experience affiliate marketers don’t attend classes – they’re there to network and meet with affiliate managers.

Affiliate Summit West 2016 is January 10-12, 2016 at Paris hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I hope to see you there!

This post contains affiliate links. 

Price Lowered for Affiliate Summit Tickets: Deadline Approaching

Affiliate Summit is a conference for affiliate marketers and companies who have an affiliate program. I’ve been going since 2006 and honestly I think it keeps getting better than ever!

Affiliate Summit West 2016 is January 10-12, 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada at the Paris hotel. Usually the first day (Sunday) is lower key but it means that you’ll have opportunity to meet with people before it gets too crazy. I think it’s an opportunity to get a head start.


Ticket Prices to Affiliate Summit Have Dropped For the First Time in 10 Years

For 2016, Affiliate Summit lowered the price for the two highest passes. The VIP and All Access passes are less expensive – by hundreds of dollars!

The VIP pass (my favorite) was $879 (early bird). It is now $579 until October 23rd. This pass includes all of the sessions, meals, videos, etc. You get two meals and some snacks included in the ticket price.

Register For an Affiliate Summit VIP Pass

If you want the next step up, the early bird price for the All Access pass went from $1,879 to $1,379.

Register For an Affiliate Summit All Access Pass

There are networking only passes that are even less ($279 and $99) if you don’t want to attend any classes. The sponsor halls are always buzzing, people have meetings set up in the halls and if you know your way around, a networking pass can be a good option.

There are also group rates if you have at least 5 in your group. JUST REMEMBER TO GET YOUR BADGE ASAP when you get in. The lines are 10 or more across and can jam the entire area. They’re fast and efficient but you will have to wait if you check in on the busiest times.

Who Should Attend Affiliate Summit?

  • Anyone who is currently an affiliate marketer and wants to find more programs to work with or others to collaborate with.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about affiliate marketing and already have a website with traffic or an email list. There are beginner classes.
  • Bloggers who are business minded and want to create another income stream. this is a casual conference but it is loud and busy. It’s more about business than looking good or being an influencer like at most blogging conferences.
  • You are a business person who is considering starting an affiliate program and want to learn about the industry and what motivates affiliates. Also to check out those in your industry and their terms/programs for affiliates.


Just make sure to book your pass before prices go up after October 23, 2015. Click here to register now for Affiliate Summit.

I look forward to seeing you at Affiliate Summit and hearing what you think!

This post contains affiliate links. 

How to Cancel Paypal Credit

I hate Paypal Credit and apparently I’m not alone. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing Paypal Credit for deceptive practices. If you look online there are horror stories from people like me who had a bad experience with a service they didn’t want or sign up for.

I’ve been with Paypal since it was x.com – a long time. I’m so mad I’m not even going to capitalize the Pal part. They aren’t my pal. I feel like they’ve gotten so aggressive. I wish there was a better alternative. Paypal is so easy to use but so hard to quit because they’re everywhere and hooked up to everything.

My experience, like many others, is that I suddenly had a Paypal Credit account. It’s a line of credit that I have no recollection of signing up for and don’t need. One day I was paying people with my Paypal balance and somehow it used my credit instead of my balance. I didn’t notice until I had interest and a $25 late fee!  And the interest rate is not cheap – it’s 19.99%APR. That makes it the highest interest rate credit I have. My credit card is not even 7%!

So I really want to cancel Paypal Credit. Guess what? You cannot cancel Paypal Credit online. Yes, they can sign you up without you knowing it online but you have to call them to cancel. I forget to call during business hours so I just fume when I get an email from them.

I really can’t stand businesses that make you call to cancel anything. Especially when it’s an internet-based company. It means you’ll get a sales pitch as they try to keep you from canceling.

So here’s my next step: remembering to close the account forever.

How to Cancel Paypal Credit

Here’s how to cancel Paypal Credit:

Call Customer Service at 866-528-3733 7 AM to 1 AM ET Monday-Friday, and 9 AM to 11 PM ET Saturday-Sunday.

You can also send us a letter (including your account number) to:

PayPal Credit
P.O. Box 5018
Timonium, MD 21094

Here’s how to find your account number:

  1.     Log in to your PayPal account.
  2.     Click the Summary tab.
  3.     Click PayPal Credit.
  4.     Click View Statements.
  5.     Click a statement cycle date to view transactions from that billing cycle.
  6.     Once a cycle is selected you can download that full statement by clicking the Full Statement PDF icon on the left.
  7.     Your account number will be located in the upper left hand corner of your full statement.

Hope this helps. I hope they change so you can cancel your Paypal Credit account online. In the meantime, I want to help everyone who wants to, cancel their Paypal Credit account. I’m not sure why you’d keep it. Wish me luck when I call tomorrow!

ABC Conference – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

I recently teamed up with blogger Melea Johnson to start a series of conferences (more like workshops) to teach affiliate marketing for bloggers at the ABC Conference. We usually have a group of about 55-75 bloggers, mostly women in the lifestyle/mom blogger niche.

At the last conference time we had a blogger who came from a small Utah town and blogs about looking for gold. How appropriate because I think bloggers are affiliate marketing gold.

abc affiliate marketing conference for bloggers

ABC affiliate marketing conference for bloggers.

Melea and I usually have just two speakers, first teaching the basics and then giving advanced tips. We focus on learning first and then DOING and my goal is to have everyone insert affiliate links into their blog before they leave. Q4 is when bloggers are getting the most traffic of the year, so it’s a great time to add affiliate links. Start with your most popular posts.

At the conference, bloggers get to meet with affiliate managers in person and with our sponsors. We look for sponsors who are a good fit. These relationships are so important. Having someone to talk to that you’ve met in person is so valuable when you are new and can work with you to do special promotions.

Utah bloggers learn affiliate marketing

Utah bloggers at the first ABC Conference

We do everything we can to make these conferences fun and informative. We do giveaways (we gave away a Blendtec at two) and have great swag.

Here’s a sample of the type of feedback we got:


Bloggers have content and audiences which are often a natural fit for affiliate marketing. They are usually already linking to products they love and have trust built. Many bloggers look for sponsored posts but they have to apply to get paid and compete against other bloggers. They may have to reach minimum standards for traffic or followers. Even ad networks usually require a certain amount of traffic to be accepted. However, any blogger (that is not spammy) can join an affiliate program. Instead of getting a one-time payment for a blog post, you can continue to get paid again and again.

Utah Bloggers learning affiliate marketing

Utah Bloggers learning affiliate marketing at the 2nd ABC Conference

One of our speakers added Zulily affiliate links to a post about what she wish she knew before she had her kids. Zulily is where she got most of her maternity clothes so she linked to it with her affiliate link. That post alone has brought her over $20k!!!

As you can see, bloggers were enthusiastic about what they learned:

ABC conference testimonial

ABC conference testimonial

One blogger found fast results:

“I went back to my old food blog and added affiliate links up the wazoo. It’s an inactive blog bit I still get about 100 views a day I checked into one of my affiliate and I had $50 waiting!”

The next ABC is in Lehi, Utah with sponsors Jane.com, ShareASale, and Craftsy. It’s on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. Go to http://abclehi.eventbrite.com to sign up or for more information.

Avalaunch Media Launches Into New Building

I was invited to the grand opening of Avalaunch Media‘s new office at Thanksgiving Point, the booming tech center of Utah County. It’s been almost a year since I worked at the office and a lot has changed. They have over 25 employees now. Seeing everyone was like a work reunion because there were so many people who I know or who I’ve worked with.


The best part of Avalaunch’s new digs is the design, and it was a team effort between designers Carlos, Jackie and Chelsea. The decor is not only hip, it showcases the talents Avalaunch brings to their clients.

Imagine looking into this guy’s eyes all day:


Here’s the logo wall.

logo wall

And the client wall. They’ve worked with everyone from The Home Depot to LinkedIn and GoPro.

client wall

Avalaunch is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, PPC, and content marketing and design. In addition to infographics, they’ve added whiteboard videos and motion graphics. It can take a minimum of 12 hours if you have most of the material up to 16 hours or more to create this level of work.

Here’s an example of work done for ADP – 5 Business Tax Credits infographic:

Tax Credits

Any infographic can then be re-purposed as a slide deck and/or video. Here is the content, this time as a slide deck. They really kill it when it comes to slides for presentations. Making professional slides is painful for me. They made me look good.

This is my favorite Oscar selfie picture from last year of me with the team last year:

Avalaunch Media 2014 team

The part I loved most is coming up with campaigns for our clients. Let me know if you have any projects or campaigns that Avalaunch can help with. My favorite project ever (that I was a part of) was the Purriodic Table of Cats featuring rich and famous social media cats. Click on any cat and get that cat’s stats.

Congratulations Avalaunch! I hope you keep going up, up, up. If there’s anything I love seeing it’s Utah businesses who are growing.

10 Work Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

Have you ever panicked trying to decide what to wear to work or to a business event? This guide has 10 Work Wardrobe Essentials you need to make getting dressed for work easier.

The inspiration for this post came from one of my all-time most popular pins on my Pinterest board. It’s been a favorite for many years now: Workwear Wednesday. It has been repinned thousands of times and features classic work pieces that are interchangeable and timeless.

work wardrobe where to buy

I’ve sourced the products, with sizes, colors and prices to simplify the process of building on these classic looks. These work wardrobe basics go well together and can be changed up with accessories like scarves and jewelry for a new look.

For once I feel a fashion blogger!

My biggest surprise creating this look is that ModCloth has work clothes. They have vintage style clothes, but they also have a lot of work professional clothes but with some hip detail. Add free exchanges and returns and it might just be my new favorite place to shop.

15% Off ALL Dresses When You Spend $100

All prices are full price at the time of this post. Some pieces have been on sale. Some of the brands vary and a couple of pieces were sold out but I found alternatives to each item. I tried to get as close to the clothes in the pin as possible. I looked for clothes that will mix and match, that wear well and that you’ll look great in.

I also looked for stores that you may not regularly shop at. My secret? I usually buy all of my shoes on Amazon because I can look at the sizes and reviews. With Amazon Prime I get free shipping. Once I find a brand (like FitFlop) I like I usually stick with it.

Enjoy my list of work wardrobe essentials!

What to Wear: 10 Work Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Work Clothing  Where to Buy 
Tailored DressFeatured image JCrew Factory –http://bit.ly/1HZMlRw Available in 3 Colors $84.50 Sizes 00-20ModCloth Work Dresses (many different styles and sizes)*Reiss – $340 black tailored dress. Also in grey. Sizes 0-10. Dry Clean. Fabric: 100% Polyester*
BlazerFeatured image Lands End – 2 button wool blazer (pictured)
Available in 2 Colors $165 Sizes 0-26W
My Habit black blazer $114. Fabric: 80% Polyester/16% Rayon/4% Spandex. Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12*SOHO Girl –http://bit.ly/1Gx1svO

White Shirt
white buttoned down dress shirt

JCPenney –http://jcp.is/1JUo3FN
Available in 3 Colors $27 Sizes S-XL
The Deal Rack –http://bit.ly/1JdpUFB
Available in 4 Colors $17.62 Sizes Medium-2XL
Black Skinny Trousers

Dynamite –http://bit.ly/1bhFN1V
$32.95 Sizes 00-12, several styles to choose from with high ratings.
Modcloth also has excellent choices.  Loved the Portfolio Panache Pants.*Nordstrom Rack –http://bit.ly/1Iu12LB
$55.30 Sizes 0-12
Black Pencil Skirt
black pencil skirt
Modcloth -(pictured) $39.99 Sizes xs-xl (might have larger sizes up to 3x) 75% Rayon, 21% Nylon, 4% Spandex.*

MyHabit (Three Dots) black pencil skirt. xs-l. Fabric: 69% Viscose/25% Polyamide/6% Spandex. Machine wash.*
Bloomingdales –http://bit.ly/1DOb98x
$180 Sizes 0-10
Black CardiganFeatured image
Logo Sportswear (pictured)
$23.99 Sizes XS-4XL*
Available in 8 Colors $13.80
Sizes S-LG 55% cotton/43% acrylic*Eddie Bauer Christine Cardigan – $60. From petite to 3X. Machine wash. 55% cotton/45% nylon.
Wrap Dress
black and white wrap dress for work

Karina Dresses
$108 sizes 0-18 with an emphasis on fitting all body types.*
My Habit (Jones New York) Short sleeve, v-neck wrap dress. $49. Fabric: 96%. Polyester/4% Elastane. Machine wash. *
Beige Tote
Beige tote

MyHabit* (pictured)
$165 on sale (usually $400). Lambskin (leather), inner zipper and slip pockets, ships internationally. Free US shipping.

$147.99 *
Black Heels
Aldo black pumps
Amazon – Aldo black pumps
listed at $70 sizes 6-9*
Modcloth slingback in black. $34.99. 3.5″ heel. Size 6-8 in stock. Smooth vegan faux-leather. *For a splurge: Footwear Etc. $348.95. Black giraffe print sandal. They come in champagne too. European sizes 5, 6, 7, 9, 10. *
Beige Heels
beige heel for work
Modcloth Sharp Dressed Manager Heel *
Pretty Flats
women's slingback beige shoe
Footwear.com – (pictured) $149.95 beige flats, leather. Sizes 5.5-9.5 (European sizing)*Clarks -http://bit.ly/1HYuR6e $130 Sizes 5.5-11.5 For a splurge, these black flats are gorgeous!

If you want more of a custom fit, I recommend eShataki. It’s a little old school but you can change the legnth of the sleeves, hem line and other details to fit your body type. They take returns. I’ve had most of the items work out but I’ve also sent back a few.

What I Spend On: Shoes and Purses

When it comes to totes and shoes I don’t go cheap. I used to buy cheap purses until one day I bought a Michael Kors bag and it lasts so much longer and is so much more professional that I’ll never go back to $50 and under purses. Same with shoes. They have to be comfortable and pretty with leaning towards comfort.

For sleeveless or low necklines I like to wear Halftees underneath.

Another tip: the Men’s Warehouse near me has an alteration department that is very reasonably priced. If there’s one near you, check it out. If something doesn’t fit just right or you need to repair some clothing, it’s a good solution. I’ve even had my jeans fixed there when the zipper broke (for around $25).

I hope this has been helpful.  I’ve probably spent more time on this post than any other in all the years I’ve blogged. So if you like it, please show it. I’d love a pin, comment and/or share!

Where is your favorite store to buy clothes to wear to work?

Thank you for pinning!

*affiliate links marked

Work clothes for women

How I Made $40k My First Year Blogging Ebook Review

Are you a new blogger or a blogger who has blogged for a long time?If you want to learn how to make money on your blog, then keep reading How I Made $40k My First Year Blogging Ebook Review.

This ebook was written by Chelsea Lords. Chelsea is a food blogger who had already been blogging but wasn’t making money. After experimenting she started to learn what it takes to monetize a blog. She decided to start a new blog from zero to apply everything she learned. Her goal: to make money in one year and document every step of the way.

My favorite part of this ebook is that it has a lot of details about exactly where she gets her traffic and money. The second most important part is the organization of the book. It teaches you how to do giveaways, how to stage your photos, and a lot more. Keep reading for a sample of the table of contents and what you’ll get out of this book.


How the book is organized

The book is divided up by month. The book starts  in January with a total income of $44.47 which isn’t a lot. You’ll see how quickly her income grew. In just 4 months she was making almost $700. She also includes the value of the free things she got (just a warning). The book ends with December with a total of $7,461.82.

This is how each chapter starts, with a month, the total income, her traffic and then she shows you what she did and how it worked. Even if you just want to grow your traffic and don’t care about making money, this is a great resource.

How I Made $40k my first year blogging ebook review
She shows you what she does for traffic. There are graphs and screenshots of analytics so you can see exactly where her traffic is coming from.

Traffic sources for food blogger

The section about Facebook marketing includes this screenshot. This is impressive for a year!

Facebook likes growth


The book has a few basic planners and monthly “to do” lists that you can use to plan out your own blog. This is part of her chapter about staying organized.

What if I’m not a Food Blogger?

Since Chelsea is a food blogger some people argue that if you’re not a food blogger, her advice doesn’t apply to you. I believe that any blogger can learn from this book. Perhaps the most valuable part is that you can create a plan each month using PRINCIPLES from her game plan.
For example, if you are a food blogger you’ll plan content around holidays that relates to recipes and food. If you’re not a food blogger, you still make a list of holidays you could focus on and plan related content that fits your niche.

Probably the part that wouldn’t be as interesting to others is the part about food photography. It’s so important to take good picture of your food but if you’re not a food blogger then it might not apply. You can always skip that step. She also talks about cameras and props. There is a little about editing photos. These could be ebooks themselves and if I were her I might recommend and link to more advanced products for further learning.

Does this Book Guarantee Success?

Also, every blogger has a unique blog with a unique audience. No one can tell you EXACTLY what to do to run a successful blog. She states:

There is no “right” answer to running a successful blog and while this book offers a lot of tips and advice, you are ultimately responsible for your own success. I have spoken to the approach I’ve taken and been successful with, but cannot promise this will also work for you. In business there is no guarantee of return or income, only principles and guidelines to aid in the strategy and decision making of the company.

Sample Table of Contents

I think it’s helpful to see the topics she covers. If I could recommend anything I would say that she should recommend Facebook groups to join. I’ve found them extremely helpful for answering questions and getting traffic. If you don’t have a mentor, as she recommends, it’s a great way to find one. Or, start your own small group to keep each other accountable.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the table of contents:


MONTH 1: $44.47











Click the BUY NOW button to take you to the page where you can purchase “How I Made $40k My First Year Blogging”.


Suggested Improvements

I thought it was a missed opportunity not to name some of her favorite blogging conferences. They are a very good way to meet potential sponsors and to find other bloggers to partner with for your blog.

Most important though is that I wanted more about sites like My Recipe Magic, Yummly, Foodgawker, or Buzzfeed that show up in her income reports. Even a list of places to submit content would be helpful. She could even create more ebooks about those sites or link to existing posts or ebooks about them. While you can see that in the screenshots, it’s not explained.

Also, Facebook is more challenging today. She could add more about engagement and making sure your posts are seen on Facebook.

Chelsea could also create another version of her ebook that is for all bloggers. Ebooks are a chance for everyone to link to other content (drive more traffic to your blog) and link to other products (earn an affiliate commission).

I’m a big fan of Chelsea’s ebook and recommend it to bloggers who want to grow their blogs.

Have you read How I Made $40k my First Year Blogging? What did you think?

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5 Rookie PR Mistakes I’ve Made

I’m not a professionally trained PR pro and like my entire career, I’m self taught. Along the way I’ve made mistakes and while sometimes embarrassing, they’ve taught me a lot. In fact, when I got a client on TV I had a lot of advice to share!

After you read mine, leave a comment with your own rookie mistakes (if you dare).

Rookie-pr-mistakesMistake #1: Getting my employer in the news but not finding a way to work them into the resulting conversation.

I was so nervous about the interview I didn’t even think about my employer. I was thinking about answering the question on live television. While I planned ways to get plenty of media mentions and social media coverage, I messed up the Fox 13 interview. Now I know that I could answer the question but preface it with something like, first I want to thank my employer [name of company] who sponsored this event.

Mistake #2: Believing a reporter who wanted to come to my house for an interview claiming, “it will only take a few minutes.”

He told me not to put on makeup or clean the house…famous last words. Always be ready and prepared because anything you say is fair game. He cast me as an internet addict on a daytime television show. I still cringe when I see how terrible I look. He taught me what it means to put someone in a bad light, he literally had me stand in bad lighting so it made me look even worse. Then he wanted me to share the story, which didn’t mention that being online is part of my career. Fortunately I can’t find the story anywhere online.

Mistake #3: Trying to be an expert on something I wasn’t an expert in.

If you’re not an expert, don’t try to be. Just be honest and say that you’re not an expert on the topic. Once I had a reporter call me to ask questions about dance moms. While I have a daughter and she’s in a class, I’m hardly the expert. Instead of realizing and admitting to that, I tried to answer. Not only that my toddler was screaming. So I was trying to answer while running around my house trying to escape her.

I also learned, get a babysitter for any interviews. Even if your child is usually an angel, they may embarrass you by demanding your attention at the worst possible time.

Mistake #4: Not getting to the point.

I got a call from a reporter, one of the first times I’d ever been called. Instead of getting to the point, I began rambling because I was nervous. As I like to say, land the plane! In hindsight I should have slowed down before answering and focus on just a few things instead of trying to cover every point.

Mistake #5: Not realizing my ‘off the cuff’ statements are still “on the record”

My best moment in the news is probably this story, except it got me in hot water with my sister who didn’t appreciate being mentioned. I was interviewed for over two hours and I was speaking a bit off the cuff about her family (and it’s on her public blog). Of course that’s what got covered. Instead I should’ve talked about my friend Scott‘s amazing life, he would’ve liked the publicity.
Also remember that you might say something that could get you in trouble with your employer or someone else.

“Good interviewers are always trying to get you to be more candid than you want to be.” – Brad Kincaid

Just remember the more you practice at PR, the better you get. I still prefer blogger over being on TV, but I’m glad I got the opportunities. My mistakes help me prepare clients and put me in their shoes. They helped me be a better at my job so I don’t regret them entirely, but they definitely make me cringe.

Please comment: What PR mistakes have you made and what did they teach you?