This is the 2nd year of Nigel’s Utah Blogger Contest (here’s the press release thanks to our sponsor Sarah at – she gets your press release in front of Utah media). Anyone can nominate anyone else for the contest and whoever gets the most votes wins. So it’s a community effort, which I like. I hope if you don’t live in Utah you’ll hold a contest in your state.

Why do I like this form of contest? Because it mixes the big names in with the lesser-known names. You get the food bloggers in with the car bloggers. We find no matter what we blog about we share the love of blogging. I know about half the finalists (I couldn’t be nominated because I was the co-planner).

We interviewed BenJoe and Chad after the event for the Web Marketing Weekly Show (now in its 40th episode!). Listen here: Web Marketing Weekly Show – Utah bloggers edition

Then there was an awards lunch for the winners and it was just the bloggers (and had the most amazing chocolate cheesecake and I’m not even a cheesecake fan). It was no pressure. Low key. It was fun to a few friends and meet new ones. I was sad Holly didn’t come but liked meeting Eric (PrideInUtah) and BenJoe (political blogger). We had the right and the left represented without even trying.

Here is the list of winners – Connor took first place.

Connor Boyack – Connor’s Connundrums
Holly Richardson  - Holly on the Hill
Chad Waite  - Daily Derbi
Nicole Warburton – Women Only
Eric Ethington – Pride in Utah
BenJoe Markland  - From Where I Sit
Stephanie Nielson – Nie Nie Dialogues (2nd year in a row)
Jesse Stay – Stay N’ Alive (2nd year in a row)
Phil Windley - Technometria
Misty Fowler – Saintless

It seems every year I meet a blogger who moves and inspires me. Last year it was Josh at The World’s Strongest Librarian. Stephanie’s blog has mades me cry since she was in a horrible plane crash. Her story has been on Oprah. There are burns all over her body including her beautiful face. She handles setbacks so honestly but optimistically and is so real. Her soul is so bright. They both astound me.  Then I feel honored to be a part of the dynamic community that bloggers create.

Congrats and thanks for blogging everyone, see you on Twitter!

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One Response to “2010 Utah Blogger Contest Winners”

  1. Chad Waite Says:

    Janet, thank you for helping with the organization of this. It surprises me that it took so long for someone to do a competition like this and there is no one better for the job than Nigel and yourself. See you next year!