5 Tips for Public Relations on the Cheap

So you want to get some media coverage? Easy right?

Read on!

First, PR can cost. A lot. I love this quote:

“Executing on a PR push is time intensive, and demanding of finesse. It’s why PR firms demand upwards of $15,000/month, with no guarantee on output.” -SEOMoz

And just because you hire that big PR firm with a big name on the east coast doesn’t mean you’ll get great results. However, the exposure that can result from hiring the right PR firm for you can totally pay off, even if you do spend $15k a month.

They are not kidding about the time and finesse required. Finesse meaning creativity and thinking of angles and the right approach. But simply landing placement isn’t enough, it all depends on the type of business you have and your goals. You have to get the right fit. More businesses have wasted money on an expensive high-powered PR firm and gotten very little to show for it because they weren’t a good fit and their work got assigned to a junior staff member. Also, good PR is a partnership (in other words, even if you hire someone you have to be an active participant).

This weekend I was up until 3am to get a 5+ hour block of time to flesh out a 6-month PR plan.  That’s before landing the job or getting paid – that’s just to get the job. I loved the plan and so does the client, but I’m the work has just begun. So it goes that PR is one of the more stressful professions.

Unfortunately your best plans can go awry – you can’t control the media. Just like you can’t control a search engine. That’s why I steer towards online PR where there are not such hard deadlines, tight budgets and overworked/overstressed journalists. But I must admit it’s a bit more exciting to see your client on the front page of the newspaper or on TV than sitting at your computer typing!

If you really want to save money and in the beginning before you’re ready for the big guns, you’ll have to learn and do PR yourself. Some people are great at doing their own PR (I love this story) and they enjoy it. They are the exception.

Now to SEOMoz for 5 steps to bootstrapping your PR efforts. It’s a fun post with great advice even though I’m not used to reading about PR on SEOMoz. Thank you for writing it

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