6 More Tips for Finding Something to Blog About

I published 12 tips for finding something to blog about, here are more.

  1. Summarize other people’s popular blog posts (like I did with Problogger’s). Bonus if there are a lot of comments or it’s a well-known blog.
  2. Read comments on a post you like – that is how I discover many new tools and learn the most! Then I blog about what I discovered knowing most people don’t read past the first few comments.
  3. If you take the time to comment on another person’s blog, turn that into a blog post and link to their post.
  4. If you tweet about something it can often be expanded into a blog post.
  5. If you bookmark something it can often be written about in a blog post.
  6. Get ideas from email newsletters. They often don’t tweet about the content. You can blog about the great content or examples you read about.

I hope you get the idea that almost anything that you’re doing to promote your business online can turn into a blog post. I have to remind myself about this.

What inspires you to write a blog post? How do you remember to do it all?

  1. Caitlin Reynolds September 30, 2009
  2. Bryan October 3, 2009

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