Blocked by Craigslist?!

Today when I went to craigslist, I got this message:

This IP has been automatically blocked.

I’m a big fan of craigslist. It’s how I got my job. It where I when I wanted to rent a place to live. I refer people it all the time. Every person I’ve met off it has been great. I couldn’t have violated any policies because I haven’t posted for a long time.

Craigslist is a great resource to get traffic to your site. If you have a local event or group don’t overlook it. Start a new online forum? I have a friend that consistently gets new people off his Craiglist listing.

My friend Paul did when he launched Katrina Housing (now Katrina’s Angels). I pitched the story to MarketingSherpa and they covered it.

I hope this is a mistake…hopefully I’ll hear back soon. Have you been blocked by Craigslist? How did you get unblocked?

22 thoughts on “Blocked by Craigslist?!

  1. Jake

    That may be a problem with sharing an IP address with someone else or your internet provider may be switching the IP address around randomly. Good Luck. You’re not evil.

  2. newspapergrl

    No reply or explanation so far. I access it from work and actually through Bloglines (even from home). It’s a big annoyance though! I talked to someone yesterday and how much Craig’s List has helped get traffic to his online forums.
    Thanks for the comments-

  3. Case

    Me too. This sux. I read it was because of robot advertisers, but I have no idea how my IP address was used for that.

  4. Chris

    I’m having the same problem getting on craigslist. I’ve sent them two emails & havent yet recieved a reply. Hopefully craigslist answers our emails & helps us.

  5. Rush Gorden

    Write an email to and ask them why you were blocked.

    They have turned really fascist in their terms of service and have been blocking a lot of people.

    I heard there was a spammer tool that people used to post listings on Craigslists and if someone from your ISP is using the tool it makes some of the Dynamic IPs as blocked. Which is stupid as they should block by user name and not IP address, least an innocent person get the “Evil IP” they blocked for spamming.

    Try using a Tor Proxy:

    It will change your IP to one of a proxy server, if that proxy server IP is not blocked, you should be able to get back on.

  6. Hannah

    This happened to me this morning. Super easy fix. Don’t even bother getting Craigslist to fix it. Most likely a spam user used your ip address. This is not your craigslist account. We unplugged our internet modem for 5 minutes. When it boots back up, your computer gets a new ip address assigned. Both my husband & I were able to get on Craigslist after. Our Craigslist accounts haven’t been tampered with. 5 minute fix.

  7. JayC

    I tried all of the above. They don’t seem to solve my problem though. What I found out is that if you have a lot of numbers next to each other, somehow craigslist recognizes it as a phone number (even if they are not). So if you could rearrange your text so the numbers are separated by text in between, or even write the numbers out, then you are good to post. That fixed mine. I hope it solves yours!

  8. Ann

    I am very disappointed as well ! I have b een blocked after an extensive search for a rental in 3 states and several cities. My husband put an ad on and so did I and now we have been blocked for being commercial and we are not. I sent 2 letters to Craigslist and no response. Its really bad because we rely on it a lot.

  9. Mike

    I am really fed up with Craigslist now. After placing a few things for sale and putting an ad on for a rental t hey blocked me as well. They didnt e mail and say there was a problem or give me a chance to correct anything. You are not allowed to speak to a person if you call ( whats up with that? ) and almost impossible to find a number. I want to go to consumer affairs now or something I have been wrongly accused by them and I want to fight it.

  10. Kevin Alexander

    I have tried in vein to put my ad for renting an apartment. What am I doing wrog. I never get a response. Is there anybody that could help me?

  11. Eileen

    You should use Doogie ads at They are the same as craigslist and you don’t have to worry about being blocked. I was also blocked on craigslist and was happy when I was introduced to Doogie Ads.

  12. JACK

    If Craigslist ultimately dies off you will be able to look back and say it was the summer of 2011 that started it all. Craigslist has TOO MANY users and they are getting RID of accounts. First you have to PHONE AUTHENTICATE every time you go to your account then it is ultimately blocked. TRY___BACKPAGE.COM____

  13. Mike

    Craigslist is a CIA front to consolidate and then close down the free underground market. Who can give free advertising to the world? This has put every small paper out of biz. They do however let the troll C.L police whio thin THEY own the site harass, slander and break all the rules as long as your using the right software

  14. Michael Reiley

    Oh come on! You aren’t blocked! You were never blocked. I’m surprised nobody has pointed this out yet, but your ISP will periodically switch your IP address. Every IP address you have ever had was used by someone else at some point.

    Just reset your router and you should get a new IP address assigned.

  15. Mike

    Search about how Craigslist makes “ghost” accounts. It’s really underhanded and generally effects way more honest posters then it deters any dishonest ones.

    Ghosting allows you to post an ad successfully, but it will not be visible to anyone. It took me a couple weeks to figure out that I had been flagged and ghosted.

    With this in place it is made incredibly stupid for people trying to advertise for free. The problem is that Craugslist is losing control and they can not manage their own site.

    Loosing control + a consistent pattern of not caring about people = evil

  16. Seth

    Changed phone numbers ip address new emails new cc accounts still can’t post. Can craiglist track and block a computer. Other people in office are posting

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