Business Blogging – Low Cost and High Returns

It’s great to see the The New York Times report on the benefits of blogging – especially for small or mid-sized businesses. They say blogging is a “low-cost, high-return tool.”

It’s not just for small businesses though – Google probably has more blogs than any other business I know. They seem to create one for just about every product they have. Blogs are ideal for encouraging word of mouth marketing (see my post about word of mouth marketing on Marketing Pilgrim) by giving people reasons to keep talking about your businesses.

Even if you don’t blog, you should be sending your news releases to bloggers in hopes they’ll write about you. That reminds me I have one to follow up on (feel free to send me news using my contact form).

Top reasons for a business to blog:

  • for marketing your products and/or services
  • reduce your PPC budget by building permanent links rather than paying for ads (I recommend doing both)
  • search engines favor fresh content and frequent updates
  • improves your public relations, by regularly communicating with your community
  • raises your company profile online
  • excellent for building your brand – even unknown companies can get high rankings fairly quickly

I’ve long been an advocate of blogging for businesses. I provide blog writing and design services with some of my partners. We basically handle it all for you from building the blog to writing posts.

Blogging has helped my own business grow as well as boosted my reputation. Right now I blog for two companies (including Podango’s Google podcast) and train and manage a staff of bloggers.

Our experience is that within a few months our clients start seeing higher rankings in search engines for key terms relating to their business. For small businesses blogs help you compete with much larger businesses.

For example, type in “internet marketing” and a company you’ve never heard of pops up first. Notice how they basically feed in blog posts on their home page. This is a very competitive term too – with over 111,000,000 results in Google.

Most businesses can benefit from a blog and it’s one of the first things I recommend. It doesn’t take a lot of technical expertise or cost. I’m also biased in that I love to write and the conversational tone of blog writing makes it simple to dash off a quick post.

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