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Why Bloggers Should Join the Craftsy Affiliate Program

Bloggers, are you part of the Craftsy affiliate program?

Craftsy is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I highly recommend it to bloggers. Craftsy is part of ShareASale – sign up for the Craftsy affiliate program here. Note: there are affiliate links in this post.

First, What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is an online education site. They feature professionally-produced pre-recorded online courses (tutorials). They have classes, both free and paid in quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, cake decorating, cooking, gardening, photography, art, jewelry and more. Plus there are craft supplies. Many of the classes are 4+ hours long, so it is in-depth training. Classes are taught by bloggers and other subject experts.

The best part is students can interact with their award-winning instructors and each other in the online classroom. You can watch classes anytime, anywhere. In addition, they sell supplies for your crafting projects.

There are many ways to monetize and promote Crafty’s program.

  1. You can use the discounts they offer for your own purchases and you are allowed to use your own affiliate link.
  2. Craftsy pays out 10% of every sale you refer. Craftsy rewards you for sending new customers – you get 75% of any sale for new customers. For existing customers, it’s 15% (for classes). For supplies and kits, it’s 10%. Cookie length is 30 days – so you get credit for any sales for up to 30 days from the time someone clicks on a link to Crafty’s site on your blog.
  3. You can link to any page on Crafty’s website and earn a commission if it leads to a sale. That means their blog posts, indie pattern designer patters, etc. ShareASale’s custom link creator tool allows you to create deep links to anywhere on Craftsy.
  4. Craftsy has banner ads that update with each new campaign. In ShareASale make sure to find the banners that say:”Bring Creativity to Life”. When you post the HTML code for those banners on your blog/site, they automatically update with every sale. There are other banner ads that you can put in your sidebar and/or your post.

    Here’s an example:Craftsy

  5. Craftsy has a huge variety of classes to choose from. There are classes on how to use a DSLR camera. Also, woodworking, cooking, sewing, quilting, gardening and more!

    6. Craftsy has frequent sales and they email affiliates weekly to let you know what is coming up. The best part is, your affiliate link is included. That saves you a lot of time going to look it up. They also give you a sneak peak about sales and other promotions.

    7. Craftsy is well managed and their affiliate manager will get back to you right away if you want to reach out. She also keeps you up-to-date on any changes or policies.
    8. You can (and should) promote their classes or supplies in your own email newsletter.

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Affiliate Summit: Why Bloggers Should Go

Bloggers are used to going to conferences for bloggers. It’s important to network with other bloggers and learn. However, some bloggers aren’t as business-minded as they could be. Or they hear the same things over & over. That’s why I recommend Affiliate Summit.

Affiliate Summit is a conference all about affiliate marketing. It’s a great place to challenge yourself to learn from another industry. Plus, there are different sponsors than you usually get at blogging conferences (less competition).

I get new clients and make friends at Affiliate Summit. Shout out to Will at Travel Blog Breakthrough and Wendy from Sweetie’s Sweeps! I believe Wendy was the first blogger I ever met at Affiliate Summit.

Why Bloggers ShouldGo To Affiliate Summit (1)

You probably already know that I love affiliate marketing for bloggers. You don’t have to wait until you have a certain number of pageviews to get started. Even a new blogger can start earning money with affiliate links. Plus, you can associate with larger brands that you’d otherwise might not have a chance to work with, through their affiliate program. There is plenty of opportunity, if you go after it.

Bloggers usually have high quality content and an audience that is appealing to affiliate managers. Many just lack the know-how. That’s why you should go to Affiliate Summit.

Affiliate Summit is a big conference. It’s full of entrepreneurs and self-made people (just like bloggers). You find the high and low rollers all coming to do deals. The guy sitting next to you (the majority of attendees are men) may be a multi-millionaire but you’d never know it.

Do you know every year Shawn Collins blogs about scholarships for Affiliate Summit and every year they are begging for applicants? If you’re a blogger and this is your first time, be sure to apply. Or, just get a ticket. The early bird price is lower than it’s been in years.

Ticket Prices to Affiliate Summit Have Dropped For the First Time in 10 Years

For 2016, Affiliate Summit lowered the price for the two highest passes. The VIP and All Access passes cost less – by hundreds of dollars each.

The VIP pass (my favorite) was $879 (early bird). It is now $579. It includes all of the sessions, meals, videos, etc. The food is always really good. It’s really nice to eat at the conference and save your feet from walking the Strip looking for a place and waiting in long lines.

Register For an Affiliate Summit VIP Pass

If you are already a successful blogger and want to have even more opportunity, here’s the next step up. The early bird price for the All Access pass went from $1,879 to $1,379.

Register For an Affiliate Summit All Access Pass

Make sure to book your pass before prices go up after October 23, 2015.

I go to most often to Affiliate Summit West – I’ve only been to Affiliate Summit East once. Vegas is close and I learn so much at Affiliate Summit. Not just about affiliate marketing but marketing in general. I’m planning to go this year too.

If you go, look at the sponsors and decide which ones you want to meet. Some of them will reach out beforehand to schedule a meeting time with you. Or you could reach out to them. Come with ideas. Talk to the speakers.

Let’s say the affiliate manager from Under Armour is speaking. You can go up after and introduce yourself and what you blog about. Ask how the brand works with bloggers. Ask questions about their presentation. Many are very willing to help. The more experience affiliate marketers don’t attend classes – they’re there to network and meet with affiliate managers.

Affiliate Summit West 2016 is January 10-12, 2016 at Paris hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I hope to see you there!

This post contains affiliate links. 

Price Lowered for Affiliate Summit Tickets: Deadline Approaching

Affiliate Summit is a conference for affiliate marketers and companies who have an affiliate program. I’ve been going since 2006 and honestly I think it keeps getting better than ever!

Affiliate Summit West 2016 is January 10-12, 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada at the Paris hotel. Usually the first day (Sunday) is lower key but it means that you’ll have opportunity to meet with people before it gets too crazy. I think it’s an opportunity to get a head start.


Ticket Prices to Affiliate Summit Have Dropped For the First Time in 10 Years

For 2016, Affiliate Summit lowered the price for the two highest passes. The VIP and All Access passes are less expensive – by hundreds of dollars!

The VIP pass (my favorite) was $879 (early bird). It is now $579 until October 23rd. This pass includes all of the sessions, meals, videos, etc. You get two meals and some snacks included in the ticket price.

Register For an Affiliate Summit VIP Pass

If you want the next step up, the early bird price for the All Access pass went from $1,879 to $1,379.

Register For an Affiliate Summit All Access Pass

There are networking only passes that are even less ($279 and $99) if you don’t want to attend any classes. The sponsor halls are always buzzing, people have meetings set up in the halls and if you know your way around, a networking pass can be a good option.

There are also group rates if you have at least 5 in your group. JUST REMEMBER TO GET YOUR BADGE ASAP when you get in. The lines are 10 or more across and can jam the entire area. They’re fast and efficient but you will have to wait if you check in on the busiest times.

Who Should Attend Affiliate Summit?

  • Anyone who is currently an affiliate marketer and wants to find more programs to work with or others to collaborate with.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about affiliate marketing and already have a website with traffic or an email list. There are beginner classes.
  • Bloggers who are business minded and want to create another income stream. this is a casual conference but it is loud and busy. It’s more about business than looking good or being an influencer like at most blogging conferences.
  • You are a business person who is considering starting an affiliate program and want to learn about the industry and what motivates affiliates. Also to check out those in your industry and their terms/programs for affiliates.


Just make sure to book your pass before prices go up after October 23, 2015. Click here to register now for Affiliate Summit.

I look forward to seeing you at Affiliate Summit and hearing what you think!

This post contains affiliate links. 

ABC Conference – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

I recently teamed up with blogger Melea Johnson to start a series of conferences (more like workshops) to teach affiliate marketing for bloggers at the ABC Conference. We usually have a group of about 55-75 bloggers, mostly women in the lifestyle/mom blogger niche.

At the last conference time we had a blogger who came from a small Utah town and blogs about looking for gold. How appropriate because I think bloggers are affiliate marketing gold.

abc affiliate marketing conference for bloggers

ABC affiliate marketing conference for bloggers.

Melea and I usually have just two speakers, first teaching the basics and then giving advanced tips. We focus on learning first and then DOING and my goal is to have everyone insert affiliate links into their blog before they leave. Q4 is when bloggers are getting the most traffic of the year, so it’s a great time to add affiliate links. Start with your most popular posts.

At the conference, bloggers get to meet with affiliate managers in person and with our sponsors. We look for sponsors who are a good fit. These relationships are so important. Having someone to talk to that you’ve met in person is so valuable when you are new and can work with you to do special promotions.

Utah bloggers learn affiliate marketing

Utah bloggers at the first ABC Conference

We do everything we can to make these conferences fun and informative. We do giveaways (we gave away a Blendtec at two) and have great swag.

Here’s a sample of the type of feedback we got:


Bloggers have content and audiences which are often a natural fit for affiliate marketing. They are usually already linking to products they love and have trust built. Many bloggers look for sponsored posts but they have to apply to get paid and compete against other bloggers. They may have to reach minimum standards for traffic or followers. Even ad networks usually require a certain amount of traffic to be accepted. However, any blogger (that is not spammy) can join an affiliate program. Instead of getting a one-time payment for a blog post, you can continue to get paid again and again.

Utah Bloggers learning affiliate marketing

Utah Bloggers learning affiliate marketing at the 2nd ABC Conference

One of our speakers added Zulily affiliate links to a post about what she wish she knew before she had her kids. Zulily is where she got most of her maternity clothes so she linked to it with her affiliate link. That post alone has brought her over $20k!!!

As you can see, bloggers were enthusiastic about what they learned:

ABC conference testimonial

ABC conference testimonial

One blogger found fast results:

“I went back to my old food blog and added affiliate links up the wazoo. It’s an inactive blog bit I still get about 100 views a day I checked into one of my affiliate and I had $50 waiting!”

The next ABC is in Lehi, Utah with sponsors, ShareASale, and Craftsy. It’s on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. Go to to sign up or for more information.

Affiliate Summit and How the Affiliate Industry Has Evolved

Affiliate Summit has always been my favorite conference because as I like to say you get all types. Everyone is an entrepreneur, so there’s a lot of self-made people and a lot of hustle. This was at least my 5th time attending and honestly one of my favorites. I didn’t expect what I found!

How Affiliate Summit has changed

How Affiliate Summit Has Evolved

No one goes to classes any more.

At past Affiliate Summit’s people came to learn affiliate marketing. Now they go to meet and make deals. The market has matured to the point that the classes were hardly full but the “Meet Market” and exhibit halls were. In fact all the halls were full. If someone opened the door there was a roar of sound coming from the hall!

In the past people went to classes, tweeted and otherwise shared their experiences on social media. Not this year. I didn’t see as much activity on Twitter during the conference. It felt like most of the people who went to classes were newbies.

What this means: if you attend a class you have a great opportunity to network with the speakers. They are experts and you have access to the smartest people in the room. Over the years some of my best experiences have come from meeting the speakers.

The blogger/media room was practically empty.

Again, I remember this being a big deal. I met other bloggers, there were interviews going on and networking. This time if it weren’t for some Utah bloggers, I think it would’ve been pretty quiet. Besides my blogging friends from Utah, there was John Chow, Zac Johnson, travel bloggers Yeison and Samantha from Our Tan Feet, and Will from Going Awesome Places. Yeison and I talked about setting up private affiliate programs with local businesses. I really loved how he takes care of each customer as if they are his own.

John affectionately nicknamed our group The Real Housewives of Affiliate Summit. Here they are sporting some swag from the exhibitor hall:


He took a video and blogged about the “Real Housewives of Affiliate Summit“. Now they’re even more famous!!

Again, this is probably because people want to meet up and aren’t as interesting in reporting. I saw this as a great way to get know bloggers and made some great connections.


Meet Stefan, the mobile game entrepreneur. He stood outside Affiliate Summit holding a sign to try to get investors and publicity for his mobile game. What I didn’t know is that he was rude to Missy and staff, didn’t have a ticket, and so was asked to leave. I was interested in his story but found it difficult to like him after hearing this. Check out more on John Chow‘s post and my Facebook update

I’ve put on events and someone taking advantage of my hard work by not paying or not paying their fair share is maddening.

Instead he could’ve done this (ok, I’m not 100% sure this is allowed):


Affiliate Summit was profitable for me too. It’s already resulted in a sale of $1,000 and many introductions and knowledge that are worth more than that to me.

What hasn’t changed is that Affiliate Summit is a lot of fun, it’s hosted at a great place and it’s still has it’s share of characters! Just don’t expect to see anyone but the Utah bloggers at breakfast on Saturday. Everyone else is hung over and still sleeping.

Thanks Shawn and Missy for another incredible conference! I’m so glad it’s in Vegas (one of my favorite cities). Can’t wait for next year!


Bloggers: CyberMonday Special Includes 60+ Products for Just $27

All weekend after the fun, the food and spending time with weekend, I was on a mission. I stayed up all night one night because I just had to finish to be part of this.

Dan R Morris and Rachel Martin from Blogging Concentrated, along with top leaders in social media, podcasting, video and blogging have put together an incredible product stack for Cyber Monday! 

Blogging Concentrated Stack – 4 Days Only but Giveaway is Only Happening Today

Blogging Concentrated CyberMonday deal

My ebook, 13 Social Media Marketing Ideas that Rock! is part of the deal. I wrote over 30 pages with examples and graphics to give marketers simple yet effective ways to market on Facebook and other social media sites. This is the only way you can get this product.

ebook: 13 Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas That Rock!

There are 60 social media marketing products in all, including:

A guide from Derral Eves who made the Piano Guys famous on YouTube, to teach you Video Marketing. If you’re from Utah like I am, you have seen their incredible videos and heard about these YouTube superstars!

How about the #1 Podcast on the planet?  John Lee Dumas is going to help you become a Podcaster
The guy Entrepreneur Magazine tapped to write their Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn: Ted Prodromou.
Super Affiliate Lynn Terry, an 18 year veteran and Super Affiliate will show you what Social Media Marketing is all about.

 Want to get better at Facebook? How about learning what Holly Homer on how she went from 50,000 fans to 1,000,000 in a year, without spending a cent on ads.
There are also products from Joel Comm, Leslie Samuel, Kelly McCausey, Nicole Dean, Missy Ward, and Tiffany North.

In addition, there are 4 specials TODAY ONLY Cyber Monday, including a giveaway where you could win:

  • 10 Tickets to the Type A Parent Parent Networking Conference
  • 15 Tickets to Affiliate Summit: the largest affiliate conference in the world.
  • Mike Schultz and Anthony Xiques of iMartisan are giving 5 people: 3 hours of tech time with professional IT dudes.
  • Blogging Concentrated is giving away 10 Tickets to use toward any of their international one-day blogging workshops. I highly recommend them! I went in Phoenix and was blown away. Basically it’s advanced training in thinking like a CEO to grow your blog.

But those are only until Cyber Monday ends, then they will randomly draw from the list at the end of the day to award those.

See the FULL LIST of what you’ll get in the Blogging Concentrated Stack.

You really can’t go wrong with this product. I can’t wait to dive into it myself! I’m sure that even one product would be worth the $27. Please let me know if you got it and your opinion – I’d love to hear from you!


Affiliate Summit Day 2: Focus on SEO

The theme of day 2 at Affiliate Summit was SEO. All sessions all day. And despite dancing the night away and getting 3 hours of sleep, I never got bored.

Meeting My SEO Heroes

When I went to the bloggers lounge I saw a laptop in front of me with a screensaver that said, “Bruce Clay, Inc” Ah, an SEO legend. So I asked the obvious, “are you Bruce Clay?” And he was. So I got to interview him about local search (blog post coming later). I’m trying not to show my braces, despite comments that they make me look younger and sexier (I have tweeted how I paid for them by doing blogger outreach for my orthodontist).

I also got to meet Wil Reynolds who’s been a favorite from past Affiliate Summits. He looked at my name tag and recognized my name because I blogged about his presentation in 2006. I thanked him for sharing his expertise by giving him some killer anchor text (search engine optimization). Four years later he thanked me back. Apparently, he remembers and appreciated the link. He told me it really helped him out. Despite the earned reputation that SEOs don’t shave (the men or the women!), have poor social skills, and love to work in the dark, it’s not all true. SEOs can be classy!

DO NOT Stick Out

Besides the growing prominence of local search results, the other theme was how when it comes to SEO, you want to be like the crowd. You do not want to be unique. You do not want to stand out. Instead, you want to blend in with everyone else who’s ranking well in your industry. Otherwise you could be flagged for having an unnatural link profile.

How do you know if you have an unnatural link profile? Wil says Google Webmaster Tools can help. They have a new alert that will tell you if Google thinks your links profile look suspect.

It’s normal for your brand name and domain name to rank highest. It’s NOT natural if most of your links have the exact same anchor text. So your links are for you or your company name that’s normal (for me “Newspapergrl”) But if most of my links say “online pr” it looks like you gamed the system (and you probably did). It’s unnatural and you’ll lose ranking. I better check mine!

Quality Over Quantity (Sorry SEO Companies!)

Rather than building a large quantity of low quality links, focus on getting a link from an authority site. This can be a problem for SEO companies who focus on building directory links and low quality article marketing that will never get shared or published elsewhere. I could argue that for local business SEO it may work only because you’re so niched that there isn’t as much competition. Or, less local businesses do SEO.

What I’m saying is if you get on the home page of USAToday or a huge blog in your industry, that can be better than hundreds of junk links. And it won’t matter what the anchor text they use to link to you. You’ll get trust. And once you have trust everything you write will have more value. Then you can add keyword (aka anchor text) links.

Next I’ll write about SEO content creation to help you land some quality links.

Lessons for Speakers at Affiliate Summit

I’m at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. It’s at the Wynn, one of my favorite hotels. Even the beverage service is artistically presented and the food is always good.

Here is my day one feedback.

Panels = Mediocrity

I do not like panels. I don’t like being on them or listening to them. There is an exception to this – that is that every single person on that panel is both very passionate about the topic and are experts. Like the SEO panel with Rae Hoffman-Dolan, Michael Gray I plan to attend.

In general panels are boring and the questions are bad. The panelists often talk to each other too much. Some even compete with each other. Even having Chris Brogan as the moderator can’t always save it.

Speak to your audience, not about YOU

I like hearing personal stories to illustrate a point, but if the entire presentation is about your life and business it gets old. It’s tough to avoid sounding vain. I’d much rather hear tips and then have one story that shows how you applied and benefitted from the tip. In other words, I don’t want it to be about you, I want you to apply what you know to help me.

The Hype Better Deliver

If you’re going to hype your presentation like mad, you get my hopes up. Then you market to me and you come across as sleasy. I’m going to name names on this one, Brian Williams who spoke about mobile marketing.

I texted Brian my email address to get his slides and I got on his marketing list plus a marketing call the same day. I didn’t see the slides. The content was so thin it was see-through. It was a marketing ploy.

When I commented about this to someone sitting next to me, he said, have you ever been to Affiliate Summit before? [I LAUGH]. I know Affiliate Summit is as much about the industry & networking as it is the sessions. You get all types.

We Don’t Know Your Industry’s Buzz Words

If you’re at an industry conference you can use that industry’s buzzwords and acronyms. So if you’re at an affiliate marketing conference you can assume we know the diffeence between a  publisher and a network. If you’re in a related indstry we might not know what exacly you’re talking about.
In one session on infomercials I kept trying to figure out all the buzzwords. It detracted from the presentation.

Today I’m hitting a lot of SEO sessions with people I’ve heard before and know it will be good.

Note: I do not hold myself up as a stellar example of speaking. I may know a lot but it’s not the same as giving a good presentation the audience will get value from. Even very good speakers can’t connect well with all audiences every time. Even the big names can be mediocre.

Looking forward to day 2 of Affiliate Summit tomorrow!

Affiliate Summit West: Mr. BigFoot Has a Big Heart

I love Affiliate Summit and here’s why: it’s immensely popular but it remains unpretentious. Is that because its founder Shawn Collins is that way? I’m not sure, but I’ve finally got around to posting about last year’s Affiliate Summit.

The big names – people like Sugarrae, Shoemoney, John Chow, Graywolf, Peter Shankman and others – are totally approachable. You are in the company of millionaires a lot of times but you’d never know they were (except when you hear them talk & behold the talent & brains). There are also many first time affiliates. This is what keeps Affiliate Summit relevant after all these years.

Mr. Big Heart
I was in heels this time (dumb idea) and there’s a lot of walking to do at a conference. By the end of day 2 my feet were so sore. I carried way too much already but after visiting the exhibit hall and picking up swag it was even worse. I had a bag on each shoulder and one in my hand. All heavy. I was running late to catch a cab back to the Trump.

I was at the wrong door trying to find my way to the cab line when I noticed someone trying to help by getting the door for me. He noticed that I was in pain and asked if he could help carry my bags. I saw his Affiliate Summit badge and figured I could trust him. He took the heaviest bag from my shoulder and walked with me to the exit where the cabs were. The line was very long and I would miss my show if I waited. So I decided to walk to the next hotel over to save time and improve my odds.

I wish I’d taken a picture and that I remembered his name but I was focused on the goal. I’m hoping someone will read this and recognize the affiliate with big feet who started his site to sell shoes to people who had a tough time finding shoes that fit. I want to give him an anchor text link!

To my surprise he offered to walk to the next hotel over with me. He waited until I got a taxi and was on my way. He told me he has big feet. What I remember is that he has a big heart.

A savvy Bryan Goodman who goes by Mr. Bigfoot (hey, I was close) had a Google alert set for “Mr. BigFoot.” He saw this post the same day I wrote it and sent me a kind email. The reason I remembered to post this is because Peter Shankman DMed me on Twitter about a post he wrote about conferences. It reminded me of meeting him and this story. I’d saved this post as a draft hoping to remember Bryan’s name (which didn’t happen.) Hearing back from him made my day – again.

Now I wear my stylish but comfortable Fit Flops everywhere in Vegas – especially to conferences.

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