Day 4: Foursquare Freelance Jobs

Today’s post for day 4 of Foursquare for Real was written by Nigel. It’s about how many jobs there are for freelancers who can code or build apps or design badges for sites like Foursquare. He wrote:

“According to, the fastest growing segment of freelance jobs in the world are in the geolocation space. Leading that space of course is Foursquare.”

Geolocation jobs are number one and have increased 909%. That’s more growth in the 2nd quarter this year than skills like coding HTML 5, technical writing, or iPad related work. Companies are trying to leverage the growth of these services by outsourcing talent they don’t have internally.

So if you’re a graphic designer you can moonlight creating custom Twitter backgrounds — or Foursquare badges. Adding these specific skills that are hot right now can help you land jobs applying your skills for new services that are in demand.

So, what’s the best way to get a job about foursquare? Play the game, use the service and know more than your competition.

Source: PRNewswire press release

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