Day 7: Foursquare Etiquette at Weddings

As with any new and hip social media trend there can be some side effects such as addiction and annoying your friends. There are times when Foursquare check-ins may be just a bit obnoxious. A funeral comes to mind. Or a wedding.*

Some brides aren’t happy with someone live tweeting or checking in to their weddings. (Not this bride – her finance proposed to her via a tip on Foursquare and she said yes)

Although right now I’m not sure that’s a huge issue when it comes to Foursquare I can see how live tweeting a wedding could get annoying. (Note: According to Forrester: 84% of respondents aren’t familiar with location-based apps like Foursquare & Gowalla).

You may be so tempted to give your “friends” a constant update. But before you tweet,  “Bride walking down the aisle now,” remember the bride might not appreciate it. As this article says take the bride’s lead and, “Let the bride check-in to her own wedding if she wants.”

Why shouldn’t you live report private events to friends that aren’t at the wedding and probably don’t care anyway?

“In an over-sharing online world, guests are posting Facebook status updates while they’re at the wedding and even trying to RSVP on Twitter, leaving brides feeling frustrated and over-exposed.”

Or, you might just embrace the whole thing and have a lot of different perspectives on your wedding – a live history. It’s all up to you and your embracing or your obliviousness to this new wave of storytelling. Or reporting. Or sharing. Oh, and if you don’t have any wedding bells there’s help for that predicament too – you can check people out when you check-in. I think Nigel should check it out.

The press release I got this from — issued by the Wedding Channel — also has some other advice. Don’t forget a gift. And what should the modern couple do no matter how open they are to live reporting? Register online, of course!

Source: PR Newswire press release (a creative use of a press release from

*unless it’s Gwen Bell’s wedding” and then there would probably be a wedding badge.

  • Don’t Tweet About My Wedding!…Not Yet Anyway (

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