Day 8: Foursquare Discounts

Foursquare discounts are a great way to reward loyalty. Today’s post is from Nigel who has a good point about offering a reward to people who check in to your business:

Department stores offer a standard 10% discount for getting a store credit card.  How much more powerful is that offer if a delivery mechanism to hundreds of like minded individuals is in place?  There already is one and it’s called foursquare!

What do people really want when it comes to Foursquare – the thing that will keep them participating long term? Discounts and information.

People won’t continue to use foursquare just because of the game aspect.  They want awesome discounts and they want information about places they’ve never been before.  This is where businesses need to step up and offer compelling deals and provide information about their own venues.

My favorite discount is from Ann Taylor because it’s one of the Foursquare offers specifically targeted to women. “Shoppers who check in to one of the company’s eight New York City stores will receive 15% off their full-price purchase upon their fifth checkin and Mayors will receive 25% off their purchases of non-sale apparel and accessories.” Unfortunately it’s only for New York stores.

What great Foursquare offers have you seen?

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