Drop Ship Access – Not Worth the Price

I got an invitation to check out a dropshipping site called Drop Ship Access. I decided to check it out. I’m always looking for companies who will drop ship products. That makes it easy to have an online store without a lot of capital. No need to buy inventory. You make the sale and the customer pays the retail price. Then you call the company and have them charge you wholesale and send the product to your customer. You don’t have to stock products or handle shipping and returns. They have another place selling their products. It’s about $40 a month to sign up.

Drop Ship Access is a Middleman, Go Direct Instead

Places like Doba and Drop Ship Access are another middle person. Ideal if you need products fast to make a web site so you can get accepted by a dropshipper. You probably won’t get the most competitive prices. But the biggest problem here is that you have no access to the manufacturer. You can never develop a relationship with the supplier directly because you don’t have a relationship with them. In business that’s how you get ahead. It’s all about relationships. You negotiate terms and as you sell more you get better prices or arrangements. The best part is just having a good relationship so you know what is happening. The bestselling items. New items. Out of stock items. The more information you have the easier it is to market effectively. Plus, it’s more satisfying to develop relationships.

Drop Ship Access says they have Adidas – you think it’s the shoes, but it’s perfume. It doesn’t have a lot name brands from what I can see. They sell Estee Lauder perfume for $54.29. The same perfume retails on Estee Lauder’s site for $68. That’s not terribly bad. However, the most I could find it listed for in the top Google results was $62.99. The lowest was $47.75. So if you figure that you probably won’t sell it for full retail and that it looks like you’ll have to sell a lot to make much on this item.

I’d like to review more drop ship sites so if you know of any that will give me a free trial, let me know. I would really like to try World Wide Brands. Or, if you retail or manufacture a product that you would drop ship for small to mid-size online retailers, fill out my contact form. I coach a lot of people who are looking for products to sell.

Conclusion: I’m still learning about drop shipping but right now I’m still sold on The Shipper because of the price and selection plus the free trial. They could do a lot more to make the site easier to use, but it’s a good entry level site. WorldWideBrands looks promising though. Higher fees, but a much larger selection.

There are individual companies who will drop ship – find the products you want to sell and ask! Or, see if they have an affiliate marketing program!

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