How to Pin Any Blog Post – Even if it Doesn’t Have a Graphic

Have you ever gone to pin a post you love and get this error?

Well I found a fix. It’s not elegant but it will do. I use Pinterest for many reasons but one is just to save my favorite blog posts. It’s so much faster to skim images than text. I’m hoping for a tool with more fonts and colors, but for now this is the best I’ve found.

It’s called Pin A Quote:

First, drag the app to your browser (the video on the site shows you how, but it’s a lot like Pinterest). Then just highlight any words (such as the title of your blog post, or a quote you love) and it makes them into a graphic that you can save on Pinterest.

After you pin the image of the quote, you need to view your pin. Click to edit the pin, this time adding the correct URL — the one to your blog post or web site. If you skip this step it will link to the “Pin A Quote” web site instead of to your post. Then you’ll see the original source, but this adds an extra step

The ideal is to find or create a graphic to go with your post or anything you pin, but sometimes you just don’t have the time. Mashable publishes a lot of stories about Pinterest but with the same graphic over & over. It’s even more frustrating when there isn’t anything to pin, You can always go back and add a nice graphic later. This just makes sure you don’t forget – it at least saves the post.

Here’s my pin I made of my last post:

I pinned this to my Pinterest case studies board on my business account. I have 2 accounts so far. I really should have more. I can’t wait until I can manage more than one account without having to log out – I assume Hootsuite will offer that. I wish it were native like Facebook. Twitter never did add that functionality.

I almost hate to pin something so plain but when you’re using Pinterest for a bookmarking tool, it does the trick.

Have you found anything better?

4 thoughts on “How to Pin Any Blog Post – Even if it Doesn’t Have a Graphic

  1. George Puckett

    This idea is great. I’ve been on Pinterest since March 11, 2012 but I have seen the “no image” response.
    I started out trying to find out how to have multiple Pinterest accounts. I still need help.

  2. Teri Harris

    Thanks for the article. I too was looking for a solution for pinning blog posts that didn’t necessarily have an image. Since what was out there was very basic, I decided to have my own tool designed. It’s similar to pinaquote in that you can highlight a quote on the web or insert your own text.

    My tool is a browser app called a Pinlet that you drag to your browser bookmarks bar just like the pinaquote bookmarklet. However, unlike pinaquote, the Pinlet allows you to fully customize the quote picture.

    For the text, you can choose either funky or standard fonts, select the font color and font size. You can select any background color you want and there’s also lots of preset backgrounds to choose from. You can even upload your own background image from your computer.

    There’s also a feature to add a small border around the quote picture to make the it pop a little on Pinterest–you can pick the size and color of the border too.

    We are adding additional fonts and preset backgrounds all the time, so there’s lots of variety.

    If you’re interested in a more robust tool for your blog posts in which you want to use quotes instead of images, please check out my website – (hope it’s okay to post the link here).

    There’s also a Free, basic version of the Pinlet – it is black text on a light gray background giving a basic quote pin a little bit more definition on Pinterest than black text on a white background.

    The Plus version has all the features and options stated above. It’s $4.99 but you will receive all updates (more fonts and backgrounds) for free – the updates are instant and will just show up in the Pinlet – there’s nothing for you to reinstall or anything.

    There’s an opt-in on the website, if you want to stay up-to-date on the additions made to the Pinlet, but it’s not required to opt in to get either the Free or Plus Pinlet.

    There is also a gallery of all user-created quote images that you can pin or grab for your own use.

    I use the quote images on my blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook too. It’s a great way to tie it all together.

    Sorry, this comment is so long – I’m just very excited about this tool and offering it to others. It’s definitely filling a gap. I love it – I think you and your readers will too. 🙂

  3. Online PR Post author

    Awesome Terry, this is exactly why I still blog. I’ll check it out.
    Want to guest post about it on and show some of your favorite quotes made with your tool?
    If so, email me

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