How to Provide Killer Customer Service on Pinterest (that Leads to Sales)

Pinterest is often thought of as a customer service platform, but used right, it can not only be that, but Pinterest can drive sales. When talking about Pinterest for business, most focus on the actual sale. They overlook the things you can do before the sale to engage with potential customers. Doing so can motivate them to buy.

Here’s an example of a company that utilizes Pinterest as a way to provide excellent customer service. My friend Mat is one of the owners at Rocky Mountain Mattress.

First, he uses PinAlerts(I’m a cofounder) which sends you an email whenever someone pins something from your website. Then he follows up by going to the pin and thanking the person for it. He says he appreciates knowing WHEN IT HAPPENS because it makes for GREAT customer service.

Here’s what he said (this was an IM):
Mat: i am loving pin alerts this holiday season
me: oh yeah? why?
Mat: been good to see what peeps are pinning right when they pin
i have been interacting with them right when they pin
and they have been coming over and buying
its pretty amazing

for example we will get someone that pins one of our toppers to their boards
and i will comment later on we find them calling us

All that he does is say thanks for the pin. He asks them to let them know if they can answer any questions. That’s it. Simple.

Here’s an example:

Another way that Rocky Mountain Mattress utilizes Pinterest is as a product catalog. That’s not that unique, but the way they point people to it is. When someone calls and asks about their custom mattress, they send them to their Pinterest profile. No need for a lot of clicks, you scroll through and can quickly see all the choices. Most of the time the person calling sees what they’re looking for and buys it on the spot.

Have you used Pinterest for customer service or sales? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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