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You have to love Twitter. For those who think it’s a waste of time, notice who is twittering. Even famous rappers are twittering (which doesn’t excite me at all but it shows it’s not just for geeks). That’s how this opportunity came.

I’ve had enormous respect for Andy Beal since I discovered his blog. I follow him on Twitter. Look at the work ethic and industry knowledge. I like that he’s well-connected to the print media world, not just the online world. That is something I want to put more time into. I need to reach out to more editors. I like to interview people.
I’m honored to be a guest blogger for his site Marketing Pilgrim, starting today.

I’m letting go some of my other blogging to blog more about what I love most – internet marketing and social media. I became enamored with internet marketing after working a few short months with Paul Wilson, now my business partner.

For over a year I devoured everything I could learn. It consumed my time every night after work. Though I’ve mellowed some over time, but I still find the world of internet marketing fascinating and exciting. It’s so dynamic and fits my ADD perfectly.

So enough explanation, this is the point: read my first post

I want to add that the reason affiliates are so good at landing pages is because they up-front the costs. If their ads don’t convert they feel it directly and immediately. In corporate America you still get a paycheck even if your landing pages don’t perform (hopefully not for long though). But for affiliates, it’s vital.

Jeremy Palmer just wrote how even he got beat up by the most recent updates and has been providing good information (which is exactly the point) about the Google quality score. If you’re running Google AdWords, it’s something you must be concerned with.

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