Newspapergrl’s 7 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012

It’s that time of the year when everyone is either looking backwards (at 2012) or forward (to 2013). It’s also time to talk about old and new trends.

The trend for me in 2012 has been to blog and tweet less often on my own properties and do more writing for others or paying other bloggers to write. I was however, recognized in a local business magazine as one of Utah’s top business people on Twitter and I’ve done more blogger campaigns than ever. When it comes to content I write for my readers, I’m posting on Facebook the most. I never would’ve predicted this.

If there is a theme it was a year of Pinterest marketing. My friend Paul and I launched and started a blog (now you know where I’ve been blogging). This was to market my newest book about Pinterest marketing, which is still not done  (that is on my list for 2013!). Our biggest story was scooped on Venture Beat but we still made it on Mashable for a successful launch.

I did get a few clients on television this year, which is a first since most of my press releases are for traffic and usually get picked up by print media or blogs. That’s most often because I work with small businesses. The biggest challenge is to find something newsworthy that the media would care about. It’s having lower budgets that would go to pitch the media or do a lot more outreach.

I learn a lot by being on the TV set, but would rather watch in the wings than be on the air. Writing allows editing and time to think, but the exposure of being on TV is irresistible because of the reach. One of my favorite parts of my work is to see my clients succeed.

Enough reminiscing. Time to list my most popular posts.

Top Posts of 2012

7 Christmas Social Media Campaigns that Rock – this is going to become an annual tradition.

Why your Facebook Fans Aren’t Seeing your Posts – this is why small business owners have hired me to help…it’s a job to keep up with Facebook changes and maximize your exposure. I’m getting around 30-50% engagement rate.

5 Pinterest Tools I Love – I mentioned PicMonkey, even though there was an uproar when they started to charge for some of their premium features, it’s still one of my favorites.

How to Pin a Blog Post that Doesn’t Have an Image

Pinterest Case Study: A Designer who Gets Direct Sales

OrangeSoda Acquired by Deluxe Corp for $27.7 Million – Former CEO Jay Bean amazes me, he’s not a one-hit wonder, this is the second company he’s sold. He made work fun and coworkers were like family while the company grew dramatically and then got bought out, something I predicted in my interview almost 5 years earlier.

How GungHo Tapped the Power of Social Media for an Incredible Product Launch – I found the company via a press release on PRWeb, learned they were local, interviewed  them, and we were both on TV!

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