5 PR Tips for Assembling a Blogger or Media List

When you’re coming out with a new product, you need publicity. Before the product is finished, you should start creating a list of media and bloggers to pitch.

This works even if you don’t have a product but just want to be recognized as an expert on a particular topic.

Let’s say you’re writing a book or you have a product about Facebook marketing.

1. Set up Google alerts for the topic. In this case, “Facebook marketing” and related terms.

2. Every time you read an article from your Google alert, leave a comment. Share your opinion or further insight. Do it right away and you’ll be one of the first comments. I do this and always sign my comments with @Newspapergrl. This starts a relationship with the writer – it gets me on their radar.

3. Search Twitter for the terms too (to see who tweets about the topic). Add them to a Twitter list so you can track them all in one place. Add the people who tweet about Facebook marketing and have a strong following to your media list. Retweet and comment on their tweets.

This is one of my favorite methods for finding case studies and new articles too. Repeat step 2.

4. Use Google to see who writes about a topic on a particular media outlet you want to be published in. For example, you want to get in the New York Times. Type site:newyorktimes.com “Facebook” into Google to see who has written about Facebook.

5. Pin your favorite articles to Pinterest. This is why I added a graphic to this post – to make it pinnable. The reason to add your favorite articles to Pinterest is it makes it very easy to find and browse them plus it can help you rank for the topic in Google (further establishing you as an expert.) Summarize the main points in the description. Now I need to add a Pinterest button to my blog! Here’s my collection of resources for businesses on Pinterest.

Use these techniques to assemble a media list. Then when you’re ready to pitch a journalist of blogger, try this method to personalize your email. Hopefully they will recognize your name and you’ll already be seen as an expert on the topic – perfect for an interview or commentary.

Continue this process and you will build an expanding reach in the topic you’re following.

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Do you have any online pr tips to share?

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