Online PR Link Love: Elearning Edition

Elearning is huge. My son’s summer routine includes Khan Academy lessons. Take some time to learn new skills or download some interesting content to listen to at the gym with these resources. Thanks to Kevin at Social Traffic Lab for the tip.

  • Udemy has courses on a variety of topics such as Google Analytics. Prices are all over the map (set by the teacher).
  • Mixergy has tutorials from founders of successful businesses. New podcasts are free for a limited time, then you need to subscribe to access them.
  • Pluralsight has more tech and in-depth training such as Jesse Stay’s excellent 3 hour course about Facebook. You’ll learn tab development, social graph integration, and more ($25 a month). You don’t have to listen to it all at once, it saves your place. This will make you more valuable as a marketer or social media specialist.

Other Odds and Ends

  • Google released some very useful tips to help small businesses understand SEO (includes a video).