Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s my story.

Since getting married I’ve had to switch my crushes from men to other things. Like ideas, bloggers, or web sites.

My biggest crush was first for WordPress, until they deleted my blog. Like most first loves it’s hard to recover from. I have never gotten over it, even though I still like Matt.

My next big crush was Twitter. It was so bad my friend Chris threatened to stop reading my blog if I didn’t stop writing about it.

Various crushes have come and gone but my new love is Pinterest. The visual search engine (sure that part needs some work but Pinterest is a baby). It’s not all gushy love though. There’s data to support my adoration. Pinterest is sending more traffic to web sites than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus COMBINED.

Why do I love Pinterest?

I love Pinterest because it conveys emotion so quickly. And marketers know if you can get a person’s heart then they will likely buy from you. They are forever trying to get you to fall in love. Telling you beautiful stories and showing you gorgeous pictures.

Much like all social networks Pinterest has a personality, but the face you see is formed by who you choose to follow. Like the beginning of new social networks a lot of people don’t get the fascination. Until they see how it applies to them. Men will likely see it as a place for women. There is even a male version of Pinterest called Gentlemint (anyone who says men are more visual than women ought to compare the sites, it’s awful). This social network is fun and uncomplicated (like a summer fling).

Here’s what it’s like to rejected when you go to pin something on Pinterest – and really why you should make your blog posts and content pinnable. You’ll get this:

Pinterest is so easy. Even your mom who can’t figure out how to do Facebook is on it. All day. It’s going so mainstream that I overheard 2 twenty-something women at the gym talking about a swim suit they found on Pinterest (as they were sharing magazine photos). I clicked through and it’s sold out on Nordstrom.com.

Pinterest is both a marketer’s dream and a dreamer’s play land.

It’s so easy to get happily lost in it. Oh, and while you’re there, will you pin this blog post?

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6 Responses to “Pinterest: A Love Story”

  1. Jason Says:

    Don’t forget your foursquare crush as well!

  2. Online PR Says:

    Jason, oh yes, that’s right. I had a crush on foursquare too. It’s saved me some cash and has been fun but I don’t think it will ever hit the mainstream. I do think Pinterest will though. It just needs to grow up a little.
    Thanks for your comment,

  3. Stas Says:

    Hi Janet,
    Great love story :)
    My name is Stas. I’d like to tell you about small application I’ve built for Facebook pages. It lets your fans repin contents from Facebook to Pinterest. It’s called Pinvolve: https://apps.facebook.com/pinvolve/npr/
    I’d be happy to hear what you think.
    Thanks, Stas

  4. Pinterest Case Study: A Graphic Designer who Gets Direct Sales Says:

    […] End of my Long-Winded Post about Pinterest I can write and write about Pinterest because I genuinely love it. For many reasons both personal and business. I think it’s the most accessible of the social networks. We’re always looking for the fastest way to get information. It’s much faster to skim images than to read. You don’t need to click to be whisked away into dream mode, you’re just in it, bang. I also love how people love Pinterest. […]

  5. Online PR Says:

    I want to review it Stas, I’m so crazy busy lately but I will look it over and if I like it, blog about it. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Stas Says:

    Thanks Janet,
    please let me know if you have any questions.
    I left my email in the reply.