2 Pinterest Case Studies for Gathering Email Addresses

Marketers and business owners should take Pinterest seriously as a way to drive qualified email signups. Hold on to your cowboy hats and check out how these Western-themed retailers used Pinterest to grow their email lists using Pinterest.

My first example is from a small retailer and involves no outside budget. The other is from a retailer with a large budget who could use it to reach influencers on Pinterest.

CASE STUDY: Rustic Artistry a retailer of handcrafted furniture and home decor

I interviewed owner Carole Rains about how she has grown her Pinterest page for Pinnable Business, but how did her marketing affect her email list?

Her secret to getting email signups starts with creating vertical pins that have pictures of her products and a call to action in the middle. Example: this pin, “How to rock cowhide” generated 112 email signups. Carole used PicMonkey, a free graphic design tool (I use the professional level which is quite affordable and has more options), to create this image.



Then in the pin description she puts a link to a landing page to sign up for her email list:





Here’s a screenshot of her landing page:


Rustic Artistry has almost 800 followers on Pinterest. She has now generated 172 email signups.

Here are some examples of pins she has used:


CASE STUDY: Bourbon & Boots online fashion retailer

Online store Bourbon & Boots worked with Pinterest marketing firm HelloSociety for a campaign to drive email signups. They paid approximately $95,000 for 2 campaigns which involved paying tastemakers that have anywhere from 200,000-10 million followers to pin products. Pinners got paid a certain dollar amount per e-mail address they got for the retailer.

My favorite takeaway is how revenue was affected. Notice that the second campaign increased over 3x from the first campaign. It looks like the second campaign had a huge impact and so when testing, be sure to do more than one push.


  • In 6 days they got 30,000 e-mail addresses.
  • Site traffic from Pinterest increased 10-fold when these campaigns were running.
  • Revenue from Pinterest went up 305% during the first campaign and 1,300% in the next campaign, compared to the days just prior running them.
  • Revenue from Pinterest usually represents 10% of total sales.
  • The campaigns got a better ROI for them than paid search campaigns or targeted ads on Facebook.
  • Shoppers who come to the site directly from Pinterest are 20% more valuable, “because they tend to spend more and buy more frequently.”

One such influencer is Holly Ledingham who is one of the top 250 pinners on Pinterest.

Bourbon & Boots moved 75% of their Facebook ad spend to this campaign. It paid off. Here’s the full case study on Internet Retailerhttp://buff.ly/10jbxqM. Today the retailer has over 14,000 followers on Pinterest.

I interviewed Carole for the press release below, about how Pinterest helped her go from being a chef who worked long hours, to living her dream of owing her own business.

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