PRWeb – No More Free Press Releases

I’ve never used the free level, but PRWeb is no longer offering free press release distribution. I believe the lowest cost is now $80.

I like the $200 level for high level releases. I tried to comment on Lee’s blog but it has flagged me as spam. What I wanted to point out is at the $200 level you get a professionally produced podcast about your press release. They call and interview you for about 20 mins. and the next day you’ll have a 5 min. podcast. They do a great job at getting to the point and pointing listeners to a call to action. I post these on our blog and with the release itself (on our site). This is worth noting.

For not as big news I usually use the $120 level. I see a huge week long spike in traffic on our site whenever we submit a press release on PRWeb. Now to just work on converting more of that traffic 😉