The First Business Book That Made Me Cry

I’ve read inspiring books – many of them. But none has been so powerful that it has made me cry. I’ve cried at the end of novels or in biographies but never before in business. But I did cry when I read this line, and I’m admitting to it.

I’m on an airplane back home and reading Crush It on my Kindle (see my first review of Crush It here). Here’s the part that made me cry:

“Making connections, creating and continuing meaningful interaction with other people, whether in person or in the digital domain, is the only reason we’re here.”

Did you get that?? Does it feel as true to you as it does to me? That is a bold and a spiritual statement because it honors each person we share this planet with as having worth. Not because we earned it, but just because we are.

Why is this so powerful? It’s a rare and radical concept. I see people declare war on their inbox [on Twitter]. Generally speaking, the bigger someone gets the less accessible they are. It’s moving to me, that this is not Gary’s intention because his values dictate his business. No wonder people are willing to go out of their way to help him sell books. This transcends marketing.

His message gives a sense of accountability to everything you do because in essence he’s saying that the Internet captures you forever. That is, there is a record of you that is permanent (whatever that means) and searchable and that people will be able to see who you are longer than you are alive. Once we’re in this conversation, we’re each writing our biographies in scattered pieces around the web.

“No matter how big you get, every email, every customer, every friend, every single person whom you come into contact matters and deserves respect and attention. “

Gary tells the story about how he heard that his company had lost an order for a case of wine days before Christmas. It was too late to ship it so it would arrive in time, so at the busiest time of year, he got in his car and drove 6 hours round trip to deliver the wine to his customer personally. And she was an old lady with no particular influence in society or online. He did it because of his belief in the value of each person. Would I think of doing that? Hell no. Would I now after reading this book? Yes!

This inspires me and though I try to argue with myself I admit that I concur. And I remember that when I spoke at the American Muslim Consumer Conference, I asked the audience to connect with me. I listed my Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. They saw my slide that showed I had 200+ unread messages on Facebook. And that diluted my message. Because what I was really saying is that I might connect with you if I find you relevant to me. And that’s not quite authentic.

Want to know what is? Look at my comments…I’m sure that one day there will be one from Gary. I want you to look for it. I’m going to be.

Surprise Endings
You know how movies capture our attention by having something unexpected at the end – clips of actors goofing off or a joke? I love how Gary does this in his book. After the credits have rolled (and Harper Collins is very tersely forbidding sharing ANY of the content of this book which is about people letting their people openly talk about their own brand) there is an unexpected closing remark that just makes the book.

Another favorite quote from “Crush It!”

The internet is only 14 yrs old or so. It hasn’t even had sex. It has already Crushed It & it’s not done yet.

People still underestimate the reach of this thing [speaking about the internet]. So if you want some inspiration mixed with some practical formulas for crushing it online, this is your book. Maybe it will inspire you too.

16 thoughts on “The First Business Book That Made Me Cry

  1. Roger Sanford

    Beautiful! After months of silent following, I had to reach out. Your review has me wanting the book. Your reveal has me authentically wishing to thank you. I enjoy your insights & now feel a kindredness. Thank you for your work. It matters!

  2. NewspaperGirl Post author

    Thank you Noelle – you are great!

    Roger, Thank you for your comment – it’s the first one I read while checking my email this morning. It is very moving and kind. One thing I do miss is the community I had built on my blog. I’m hoping to rebuild it and this gives me some hope in doing that.

  3. Coop

    I saw Gary speak here in Pasadena,CA and it is very refreshing when someone comes from the heart.

    So much of what happens on the internet is focused on selling and scamming. E-book, courses, inner circle memberships sites, etc..

    When someone like Garry V. who really cares about people and wants to provide the best customer service speaks…I listen.

  4. Naomi

    Awesome review! I got to meet Gary in Seattle a few weeks ago and get my copy of Crush It! signed. His message – care – comes through loud and clear in person as well as through his interactions with people online and (from all I’ve heard) in this book. I’m ashamed to admit that, despite having had it for weeks, I haven’t read it yet. You’ve inspired me to start RIGHT NOW!

  5. ChinaWineTours

    Great story Noelle…I totally agree with you about “Crush It” AND the very real Gary Vay-ner-chuk!

  6. Liz

    nice review Janet! I really enjoyed the book too and have been suggesting it to so many people, im sure they’re sick of hearing me talk about it – but it is actually a business book i can GET BEHIND! …I also am currently reading Tara Hunts “the whuffie factor”, which ..if you like Crush It – You’ll love the Whuffie Factor too – you should check it out! (if you havent read it already) 🙂

  7. Vicki

    Just found your site.. actually through Gary’s post on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed your article and share the same feelings. I bought Crush It right away and read it, more importantly I am ‘working’ it, and of course re-reading parts of it as I implement!

    I look forward to reading more here!

    All the best to you 🙂

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  9. italianwinelivr

    He is so sincere and genuine and real! You can always find CRUSH IT with him! I cried the first time I meet him and he made me feel so wonderful!! Ignited my true passion! Please read his book it is AWESOME!!! Nice review thanks for putting this out there!

  10. Don Jacks

    You are right on! The passion and transparity that comes through in the book and talking to Gary in person is contagious. Crush it ties the possibilities that have always been within us with the endless possiblities today’s media brings to us all. Thanks for the review and keep Crushing it!

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  12. TJ

    Great review of the Crush It, and the deeper meaning within Janet! Thank you. Just tweeted your cry quote in a paraphrase, with a link to your review for those who havent read it yet.

    You mention authenticity. It seems that means to be who we are… Having 200 un opened email is simply where you were at that point in time. However, it sounds as if that is not where you *want* to be, relative to your values. The easier part is wishing to do all the right things. But, driving in the snow storm to upstate NY (Albany?)… that is walking the talk, and always MUCH harder to do.

    Happy New Decade!


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