10 Work Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

Have you ever panicked trying to decide what to wear to work or to a business event? This guide has 10 Work Wardrobe Essentials you need to make getting dressed for work easier. Just mix and match for a classic/put together look! 

The inspiration for this post came from one of my all-time most popular pins on my Pinterest board. It's been a favorite for many years now: Workwear Wednesday. It has been repinned thousands of times and features classic work pieces that are interchangeable and timeless.

work wardrobe where to buy

I've sourced the products, with sizes, colors and prices to simplify the process of building on these classic looks. These work wardrobe basics go well together and can be changed up with accessories like scarves and jewelry for a new look.

For once I feel like a fashion blogger!

I found basic work pieces from all over the web, so you can build a killer work wardrobe. All prices are full price at the time of this post. Some pieces have been on sale. Some of the brands vary and a couple of pieces were sold out but I found alternatives to each item. I tried to get as close to the clothes in the pin as possible. I looked for clothes that will mix and match, that wear well and that you'll look great in.

I also looked for stores that you may not regularly shop at. My secret? I usually buy all of my shoes on Amazon because I can look at the sizes and reviews. With Amazon Prime (the link gives you 30 days free) to get free shipping and other benefits.

Enjoy my list of work wardrobe essentials!

Note  I try to match the look but retailers change their looks often. I update this page frequently with the closest matches possible.

What to Wear: 10 Work Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Note: this list is frequently updated as items go out of stock and I search for replacements.

Work Clothing  Where to Buy 
Tailored DressFeatured image Amazon has a great selection of work dresses including sheath dresses.
BlazerFeatured image Amazon Fashion carries black blazers in all sorts of styles for work. Check them out here

SOHO Girl –http://bit.ly/1Gx1svO $28.95 on sale. Small to XXXL. Fabric: 75% Polyester, 20% Rayon, 5% Spandex

White Shirt
white buttoned down dress shirt

The Deal Rack long sleeved wrinkle free shirt –http://bit.ly/1JdpUFB
Available in 4 Colors $17.62 Sizes Medium-2XL
Amazon Fashion has a huge selection of white work wear button down shirts.
Black Skinny Trousers

Check out black trousers here.


Black Pencil Skirt
black pencil skirt
Rekucci Women's Ease In To Comfort PDR Pencil Skirt
Black CardiganFeatured image Here's a selection of black cardigans.
black and white wrap dress for work Karina Dresses has an excellent selection of wrap dresses for work in sizes 0-18 with an emphasis on fitting all body types.

Here are more wrap dresses for work.

Lark & Ro Women's Classic Patterned Wrap Dress $69.50 X-Small to X-Large. 95% Polyester/5% Spandex.

Beige Tote
beige tote by Loeffler Randall
Beige business handbags including Ivanka Trump Soho Solutions Women's Work Tote.* 100% leather.
Black HeelsAldo black pumps Aldo black pumps listed at $70 sizes 6-9
Beige Heels
beige heel for work
These chunky heel beige shoes are stylish and practical at the same time.

Work Clothing Subscription Box

If you're like me you like to have the basics of a wardrobe that are classic and will last – however – you also get bored and want to mix it up without having to go shopping. Amazon has Prime Wardrobe which is a clothing subscription service. I like it because you can select from a really wide variety of work clothes or casual clothes.

Here's how it works:

  • Be an Prime member
  • Pick out 3 or more clothing pieces, accessories or shoes to have sent to you.
  • Try them on, then send back what you don't want to keep.
  • You have 7 days to return what you don't like and shipping to/from is free.

The nice thing is there's no subscription or styling fee, however you do have to respond within 7 days or you'll be charged for everything. You won't get automatically shipped anything that you have to cancel though, which is perfect if you're into low commitment (like me). I hate having to remember to respond every month or risk getting a shipment you don't want. Also good for conferences or if you're speaking at an event and need dressy clothes and don't fit in or don't love what you've got in the closet.

What I Spend On: Shoes and Purses

When it comes to totes and shoes I don't go cheap. I used to buy cheap purses but I'm tough on them and they'd fall apart. Then one day I bought a Michael Kors bag. It lasts so much longer and is so much more professional that I'll never go back to $50 and under purses. It's been a year and it looks almost new still!

If I do want to change things up or have a beige purse, I've have my eye on this leather purse from Hobo. I have a Hobo wallet and it's lasted over 10 years!! So I really trust the brand and think it's worth the investment.

Same with shoes. They have to be comfortable and pretty. Leather preferred.

For sleeveless or low necklines where you need an undershirt to give you some extra coverage, I like Halftees. They have so many different styles and fabrics that they can also add artistic or interesting patterns/touches to an outfit.

Alter Clothing to Fit

Another tip: get your clothes altered so they fit well. The Men's Warehouse near me has an alteration department that is very reasonably priced. If there's one near you, check it out. If something doesn't fit just right or you need to repair some clothing, it's a good solution. I've even had one of my favorite pair of jeans fixed there when the zipper broke (for around $25).

I hope this list is helpful.  I've probably spent more time on this post than any other in all the years I've blogged. So if you like it, please show it. I'd love a pin, comment and/or share!

Where is your favorite store to buy clothes to wear to work?

Thank you for pinning!

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