5 Pinterest Tools I Love

Pinterest is my favorite social network for both personal and business reasons. I'm always looking for Pinterest tools that make my job easier. Not only that I'm working with my business partners Paul Wilson and John Benson to develop new tools of our own. Here's our list of favorite tools Pinterest board.

Here are my top 5 Pinterest tools

1. PinAlerts

PinAlerts are like Google Alerts for Pinterest. You get an email when something from your blog shows up on Pinterest. This is my first Pinterest tool with PinnableBusiness.com and it's been getting great traction. It was named as a fav tool by Sarah Evans and Website magazine named it their tool of the day. We have many plans for it so this is just the exciting beginning.

PinAlerts Pinterest tool

2. Quozio

Quozio is an easy-to-use tool for making quotes for Pinterest but also for Facebook, Twitter or even this blog post! I'd love to see them allow you to resize your picture, add a watermark and control the font color and size (even each individual letter). I found out about it from a reader of my blog (which is one reason why I keep blogging). Quotes are huge for Facebook. One quote can be featured in a blog post (which can then be pinned), pinned on Pinterest, and tweeted. I've found that people don't read my contests (or the rules) on Facebook unless I make them visual. When I read an article I'm always looking for the quote. When I get a killer quote it gets a ton of likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

I made this for Mother's Day:

3. Pinstimatic

Pinstimatic is a versatile tool that creates a pinnable map of your location (great for local SEO optimization). They also have Post It Notes (wish it were easier to add an icon, image or watermark to a note and change its size) and you can do a screenshot of your website or even share music from Spotify. My ideal tool would be to combine Quozio and Pinstimatic. I've also tried PinaQuote too but it's too basic at this stage, even at the pro level (check out this post with examples).

4. PicMonkey

From the founders of Piknic that got bought out by Google comes a tool with more robust features for making and editing images. This is the tool I've used least often but this image made in PicMonkey (here's how) caught my press release loving eye:

5. The Pin It Plugin for WordPress.

This plugin adds a “Pin It” button to posts and pages that will allow readers to easily pin your content at Pinterest. You choose what types of pages the button should appear on and where (above or below content, for example). Several styling options are available and implementation is as simple as pasting a shortcode. The plugin has over 42k downloads and a 5-star rating from every review.

It's a great plugin but I like this paid Pinterest WordPress plugin better for one reason (I apologize for the cheesy sales page, you can get the developer's license for $17 so you can use it on all of your blogs). It puts a PinIt button next to all of your images (not just at the top of your post) which encourages more pinning.

UPDATE: I just learned about yet another tool that lets you upload your own images (or use one of theirs) and add quotes. It's called Pinwords http://www.pinwords.com

Any Pinterest tools you love that I didn't cover here? Please leave a comment!

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