A Brief Interview with Teresa Tao

I met Teresa Tao at CJU this year. She was gracious enough to answer a few questions about her award and the affiliate program at ShoeBuy.com. The program is just two years old and she won a 2007 Commission Junction Horizon Award for her contribution to the industry. They have also been honored by Shopzilla, “for its relentless dedication to customer service and satisfaction.”

“The award for People is presented to an advertiser and publisher who have shown an enthusiastic commitment to performance marketing, are market leaders, and are dedicated to building a strong community among online marketers.”

Newspapergrl: What do you like most about affiliate marketing and what are the rewards of your work?
Teresa Tao: Time and again it is reiterated that affiliate marketing is all about relationships. As I enjoy meeting and learning about people, I have had the opportunity to get to know such talented and wonderful individuals. I am amazed each time of what their capabilities are and because of this, I respect the time and efforts that go into affiliate marketing.

Newspapergrl: What one tip would you give new affiliate marketers?
TT: I realize you are asking for one tip but I have three to share for those who are new to affiliate marketing: 1) Focus on one market or marketing strategy then build upon it 2) Educate yourself constantly and 3) Persevere with a positive attitude.

Newspapergrl: How has winning a CJ Horizon award affected your business?
TT: We are proud to have received CJ's Horizon Award for People as the meaning behind the award aligns with our overall business goal, which is to provide the best consumer experience. This award would not have been possible without the partnerships we have in our program and these partners are who motivate me to make our program the best. The Horizon Award has reinforced just that.

Newspapergrl: How long have you been an affiliate and how did you get started?
TT: I first got into affiliate marketing two years ago at Shoebuy.com as I saw an opportunity to grow the program despite having no experience. However, I was taught the basics of running an affiliate program and then took off with the objective of making ours the best affiliate program available.

Newspapergrl: What's one of your favorite tools for affiliates?
TT: One tool that I am a big fan of is our dynamic showcase builder, which allows partners to display our product on their site with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Congratulations to Teresa. I hope to interview some of the other winners also.

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