Affiliate Marketing on the Decline?

MarketingSherpa released a great report about online marketing. They had marketers at Ad:tech rate their results and say what is ahead. Paid search, email marketing to your own list, and SEO are strong and growing. However, affiliate marketing is dropping or stagnating. ROI dropped only slightly from 29% to 25%. Only 14% said they plan to increase their affiliate marketing budgets.

Exciting to me is that more plan to add RSS feeds and blogs to their online strategies. Blogging and social media is experiencing a huge surge right now. For good reason too. Blogs are a great way to do SEO and connect with customers. Here's another report on bloggers from Forrester (reported by blogger Charlene Li).

I think the paid search affiliates have a strong position in the marketplace right now. I'm not sure about the other types. I'm curious how social media affiliates are doing (Adam Veiner?). Are they making money?

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