Affiliate Marketing Conference

It's funny I was thinking today, this is what I want to do in the company…be an affiliate marketing manager and manage relationships with affiliates. I don't know if it will work for our business model but I want to see if I can find others doing it.

Then my boss asks me, what would you most like to do here? I had a ready answer. My second choice is to run an email marketing program. I like affiliate marketing better because of the personal relationships you can build with your affiliates. I love talking to people, not just my coworkers or at a computer all day.

I'm going to an affiliate marketing conference in January in Vegas. I'm excited. I wish I could find $500 to go to the Google Adsense boot camp too. But still…great day.

You know these are my type of people when nothing starts until 10am. The last conference I attended started at 8:30. I don't like to converse or be cheery before 9am. Now for a hotel and ride.

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