Affiliate Marketing: The High & the Low Rollers

This has been on my mind since I returned from Affiliate Summit. There is still a wild west, sometimes jubliant atmosphere there. People throw around big numbers. There are the high rollers. People saying they make over $50K a month and more.

There are the reclusive super affiliates who'd rather you not know they exist. Chris calls them the spiders – who flee to the shadows when you turn on the lights.

There are stories I wish I could capture. People I want to talk to. When I was at Affiliate Summit I was working. Since I enjoy what I do it was enjoyable. I'm in awe at the many different characters.

It's almost like a second wave. I was in on the tech boom and happened to get a job at an internet startup. I learned a little HTML. I built a career starting right there. Now you'd have to know PHP, javascript, and more.

Affiliate marketing is still an emerging industry, one that changes quickly. It's rarely boring. Just look at the comments on my posts.

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