Affiliate Summit 2006 report 1

The Affiliate Summit conference is amazing so far. Will blog more when I get home. web services guy blew me away. He challenged my thinking.

Avon does co-branded emails with MyPoints and others traditional marketers (should've written the whole list…Clubmom was on there…bingo sites).

Can't wait for tomorrow's class on how adult industry marketers work. They invented it and are cutting edge, along with the Christian Coalition. While I'm in sin city I may as well learn from the pros…

Definately my crowd here. This is my passion. Starting to see the same faces as at the Ad-tech show. Found an affiliate marketer in Draper to interview for Connect. Found Pete and guys from Paul Allen's class. Idea to start job site modeled after Amazon's model, push and pull jobs. Want to podcast….mmmmmmmm….eat this stuff up.

Dream jobs: affiliate marketer or buzz marketer. Love to create buzz…

This entry was blogged from the Apple store on the strip…

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