Affiliate Summit Day Two

Today I hit my high. I loved talking to people and met. The sessions I went to were very good too. I'm an “connector” and love meeting and introducing people, which I did all day.

Highlights (some a review, please feel free to add more in the comments):
Anatech forums – the place for geeks, finding coders to outsource to

Directories to submit your web site to:
Yahoo ($295 but heard it can be worth every penny)
MSN smalll business
Best of the Web

In a list of the top 10 web 2.0 companies (and let me just say that they really are just new not necessarily 2.0 in my book) Jay Berkowitz listed PRWeb. He talked about keyword density in your press release: keywords in the first, middle, and last paragraph for a total of at least 4 times.

New tools: Syntryx (use for research, see who top affiliates for your competitors are).

Subscription model photo sharing:
Smugmug (cool company, profitable).

Add links, including affiliate links to any video at Bubbleply. “How to” videos are popular and affiliates can create them for their top converting products.

I'm going out for sushi…I'll try to add more later. I apologize for my lack of links. I have less time to blog and a lot to cover…I have a great interview lead that will be a fun story: affiliate babies (they make more than yo mama). I've taken in more than my fair share of calories and the hotel “gym” where I'm staying isn't helping. It's pretty much a closet with a few weights.

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