Affiliate Summit in Vegas Coming Soon!

Affiliate Summit is in a few weeks. Last year I interviewed Adam Veiner and Collin McDougall. My favorite was meeting a clown who made his own flea circus and who blogs.

Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive will be speaking again. Jon F. from Wicked Fire will be on a panel.

A year ago I went to Affiliate Summit in Vegas – my first one. It converted me to affiliate marketing. I had only heard a little about it from John Jonas. I asked around for someone who lived in Utah that I could interview for a story. Someone recommended Jeremy Palmer. I had no idea what a super affiliate was at the time. You'll see the article under affiliate marketing 101.

I hope to do more interviews and take more pictures this year. I also want to meet people I've email or Skyped with. My biggest wish is to interview the Rich Jerk. If you're there please say hello.

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