Affiliate Summit Suggestions

Here are my suggestions for Affiliate Summit – take it or leave it, it's free:

  • get a good moderator who keeps people on topic and keeps the discussion centered (unless really interesting tangents occur)
  • have a bloggers lounge area, maybe even blogger seating towards the back of a session (with plugs nearby and wifi)
  • public computers set up for people to check email and/or blog
  • label some of the lunch tables: ABestWeb table, bloggers table, press table, search affiliates table, etc. to maximize networking
  • a public PA system where you can tell people the sessions are starting and announce changes in schedule or reminders
  • a place where people can hang out and chat between and before/after sessions (the casino bar isn't a good place because there's a lot of noise, it's too far from the sessions, and too many other people. In Florida this happened a lot easier).
  • choose presenters based on the content and their presentation ability…there's a wide range of talent or lack of talent…don't ask people to speak who don't have people or public speaking skills no matter how brilliant or successful they may be…find another way to use their talents. ask presenters to interact with the audience (walk around in the audience as they speak, or at least get them to move in closer)
  • better sound (the last one in Vegas had a professional company not the hotel handle sound and it was great)

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