Affiliatly is Basic Affiliate Tracking Software That’s Affordable and Easy to Use

Looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-use affiliate tracking software solution? This weekend at my affiliate blogger conference a blogger spoke about how she partners with smaller businesses who don't have an affiliate program or a large budget to spend on affiliate software. She refers them to Affiliatly.  Affiliatly is affiliate marketing software without an e in the word Affiliate 🙂

People frequently ask me what the best affiliate software is for them or if they should join an affiliate network. I'm happy there's a solution for smaller businesses who want to test the waters and don't have a large budget. Please note that after the software you must invest considerable effort into attracting and growing your affiliate program. It won't sell itself. You should have an attorney write up your terms and even consider hiring a consultant to set up your program correctly.

Affiliatly is ideal for small or local businesses who don't want a complex system and aren't big enough to join an affiliate network. For example, I'm part of an affiliate program where I'm one of under 20 affiliates (and have done really well with it). Right now we're tracking with a discount code that I give my readers/followers. However, I can't log into the system and see my stats or performance. If I spend money driving traffic, it's tough to know if it's working. I don't have reports and don't know what my check will be. Another program like this is Get Away Today which does Disney vacations. From an affiliate perspective it's really hard to be motivated to work harder or promote a program where there's little transparency. I hear bloggers complain about it frequently.

As I've helped businesses start an affiliate program for bloggers, some cannot be sustained because of the cost. Shopify apps in particular can be expensive for startups. Affiliate networks charge a monthly fee plus a percent of sales but Affiliatly does not. You only have a monthly fee. That's why I'm happy to learn of this solution.

With Affiliatly You Can:

  • Account for returns, price changes or partial refunds
  • Set up multiple tiers so your affiliates can get paid to refer other affiliates
  • Track referrals with five different methods: referral links, QR code, coupon codes, product SKU and/or client's email
  • Set custom tracking codes for your affiliates
  • Block specific products, so affiliates will not get commission for them
  • Set custom commissions for specific products
  • Upload banners for your affiliates to use and promote your shop
  • Control and see affiliates stats
  • Pay affiliates through PayPal or gift cards to your store
  • Offer different percents/payouts and cookie duration for specific affiliates – so if someone sends more sales you reward them with higher commissions.
  • Choose if affiliates get paid per user visit, by commission based on purchase amount, or a flat rate per purchase.
  • Supports 4 languages: English, German, French or Russian
  • Ability to block inactive affiliates
  • The app can be customized to look like your shop (limited)
  • You can change the text for your login page, registration, and faq pages of the program (very basic formatting and images only)
  • Export affiliate or order stats into a spreadsheet

Shopping Carts Affiliatly is Integrated With

Affiliatly is officially Integrated with the following shopping carts (plus JS or PHP integration for sites that use another shopping cart not listed):

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

How to Find out Which Shopping Cart Software a Site Uses

This handy tool can tell you what platform a website is built on. which helps you if you're pitching the idea of setting up a private affiliate program with a small business.

Cost of Affiliatly

Most programs charge a monthly fee and some also charge by numbers of clicks. Affiliatly is simple – there's only a monthly fee.

Here are the plans that Affilitly offers:

  • Starter. Up to 50 affiliates. $16/month
  • Advanced. Up to 250 affiliates. $24/month
  • Professional. Up to 500 affiliates. $39/month
  • Pro 1000. Up to 1,000 affiliates. $59/month
  • Pro 2500. Up to 2,500 affiliates. $79/month
  • Pro unlimited. No limit. $129/month

Get a 30 day free trial

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affiliate tracking software

However, like with everything, there are pros and cons.


  • You can literally have your program set up in a few minutes.
  • Low monthly fee, starting at only $16 per month and no monthly fee.
  • Multiple Tiers – so you can pay bloggers to refer other bloggers. It can even work as a full MLM solution.
  • Leaderboard option to show your top earners on your website or via email.
  • The URL has your domain name in it.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Supports direct linking.
  • Agency platform available so you can manage multiple accounts.


  • Very basic design and branding. The business doesn't seem to be active on social media networks or have other ways to interact online.
  • Support is inconsistent and is only via email. No phone support (this is not surprising for the cost).
  • The creators don't seem to be native English speakers so there are typos and things are always clear or easy to understand.
  • There isn't a lot of explanation/documentation on how to use the system for you or your affiliates. You're on your own mostly. Good thing it's pretty basic.

Affiliatly Reviews

I wanted to give a snapshot of Affiliatly from businesses who've used it. This is from Shopify where it gets a rating of 9/10.

Affiliatly Reviews

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If you need something more robust than Affiliatly, check out my list of list of other affiliate software solutions.

Have you used Affiliatly? Did I miss any pros or cons? I'm sure I did, so please let me know in the comments and let other small businesses know about it.


Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing Software


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