Avalaunch Media Launches Into New Building

I was invited to the grand opening of Avalaunch Media‘s new office at Thanksgiving Point, the booming tech center of Utah County. It's been almost a year since I worked at the office and a lot has changed. They have over 25 employees now. Seeing everyone was like a work reunion because there were so many people who I know or who I've worked with.


The best part of Avalaunch's new digs is the design, and it was a team effort between designers Carlos, Jackie and Chelsea. The decor is not only hip, it showcases the talents Avalaunch brings to their clients.

Imagine looking into this guy's eyes all day:


Here's the logo wall.

logo wall

And the client wall. They've worked with everyone from The Home Depot to LinkedIn and GoPro.

client wall

Avalaunch is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, PPC, and content marketing and design. In addition to infographics, they've added whiteboard videos and motion graphics. It can take a minimum of 12 hours if you have most of the material up to 16 hours or more to create this level of work.

Here's an example of work done for ADP – 5 Business Tax Credits infographic:

Tax Credits

Any infographic can then be re-purposed as a slide deck and/or video. Here is the content, this time as a slide deck. They really kill it when it comes to slides for presentations. Making professional slides is painful for me. They made me look good.

Business Tax Credits: 5 Most Important in 2015 from ADP, LLC

This is my favorite Oscar selfie picture from last year of me with the team last year:

Avalaunch Media 2014 team

The part I loved most is coming up with campaigns for our clients. Let me know if you have any projects or campaigns that Avalaunch can help with. My favorite project ever (that I was a part of) was the Purriodic Table of Cats featuring rich and famous social media cats. Click on any cat and get that cat's stats.

Congratulations Avalaunch! I hope you keep going up, up, up. If there's anything I love seeing it's Utah businesses who are growing.

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