Best Affiliate Summit speakers

 Affiliate Summit Report

I dug (remember to put google alerts on these names) the presentation by Fredrick Marckini of He collected business cards at the end of his talk so he could send us a white paper (smart) of his presentation. He shook everyone's hand and greeted most by name. Impressed.

He spoke about the end of search. Next stop: intelligent agents that tell you what to look at based on your preferences.

Another one that blew me away is Jeff Barr from Mechanical Turk has to have other applications and could spon additional business models in the non-techie world.

I was impressed by what some of Amazon's affiliates were doing with one-page niche sites. I'll put a link to some of them once I have more time.

Declan Dunn from Dunn Direct Group was dynamic and insane. I loved it! Think aging hippie. He talked about podcasting. You learn most when you hear it. Most people don't read text and the retention rate is tiny.

Good to be back to 24/7 internet access. More later…

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