Blog Friends and Blog Foes

What an interesting exchange about blogging tonight. First, I get an email from a friend who is so sick of me talking about Twitter that he is unsubscribing from my blog. I actually take that personally for a minute and feel bad. Since he won’t be reading this I can talk about it, ha ha. Then I remember that it has nothing to do with me.

When I describe Twitter to someone I wiggle all of my fingers together up in the air. It’s my sign language for Twitter. It represents the rhythm of life that Twitter is for me. It’s like a dance. A flit. Of course the real actual tempo of your life, inside the world of your home, friends, etc. that is more real. But sitting at my computer I literally feel connected to what Twitter calls your friends and followers (and they are really that!). When you want to delete someone it uses the term destroy. I get philosophical about it. I enjoy the quick slices of life, even the mundane parts that annoy other people.

Even right now I’m chatting with an artist in Mexico who I met a few days ago from Twitter. He takes abstract technical subjects and gives them form. I appreciate his work and he’s become a good friend.

Back to the email though. Moments later I got a quick IM from one of my mentors. He has influenced so many people’s lives for the better. He is who inspired me to blog almost exactly three years ago. His blog is loved and admired all over the world. He complimented me on my blog. I really appreciate that. I had to just stop and absorb it for a moment.

Different people will come and go and that’s fine. Thank you for reading lately and for your comments. I’ve been expanding what I write about and it’s been attracting different people. I feel honored when people share their dreams with me.

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