How to Get Qualified Business Opportunity Leads for MLM

Business Opportunity Leads

This year I've seen a new trend with bloggers who have become network marketers. They are crushing it (making a ton of money) with MLM (multi level marketing). They are selling LipSense, LuLaRoe, Isagenix, doTerra and more. One of my friends has a work from home group on Facebook and shares ways for moms to make money from home. I think Facebook groups did more to help MLM than anything else. Now you have a captive audience to sell to and you don't have to bug your friends with constant updates about how much you loooooovvvvveee your smudge free lip gloss – along with a ton of kissy selfies.

Bloggers Who Succeed at MLM

Jaylynn is a Utah based blogger who's been selling LipSense for 9 months. Today she has almost 4000 people on her team and has a six figure paycheck. Her Facebook group is rocking (I'm in it so I know). She uses Facebook ads (the best!) to keep growing. Another blogger I know made $5k her first month. Bloggers are great for network marketing because they already have a following.

If you're a blogger, I recommend signing up under another blogger because they help you sell and market online rather than having in person parties or bugging your friends. If you want to join our team, contact me through my contact form or ping me on Facebook. There is no monthly minimum order required so you're not paying while you're learning, so this is the only MLM that interests me at all. Plus I've been a happy customer for many years.

Others take a business opportunity approach. Whatever approach you take, you need to keep growing your downline to succeed.

Not everyone is good at getting leads on Facebook. I learned I'm not good at using funnels to get Facebook leads – despite spending a lot of time and money on it. That's why I hired Luciano through a freelancer website. He was the only guy there who did funnel consulting. He was not just a consultant. He helped me through some down times when I lost some income due to affiliate marketing changes and was scared I might need to get a job.

Let me tell you how easy it is to waste a ton of money without ever figuring out something that works. That's me! Instead of running them you can buy network marketing leads…

business opportunity leads

Network Marketing Leads

Your goal with MLM or any business is to make more money than you spend. It can be tough to face rejection. Many network marketers give up because they don't like dealing with it or don't know how to close a sale. Wouldn't it be great if all your prospecting could be done rejection free and your offer will go in front of people that are interested in a home business opportunity?

My friend Luciano helped me build some funnels to get leads for my local dentist. I discovered that a lot more goes into this than I realized and I went back to running regular Facebook ads. I decided I'd let him take any funnel work!

Luciano Canzanella has been in the network marketing industry for 9+ years building email lists, sale funnels, and audiences for himself and his clients. If you’ve ever felt that you had no prospect to talk to about your business then he can relate. His business is called Funnel Prospects.

He went through the usual cycle to get new customers:

  1. Burn through your friends and family (and likely annoy them)
  2. Buy traffic from solo ads vendors or run ads to get new prospects
  3. Buy email lists

The problem with #2 is that a lot of solo ads vendors share the same list of prospects with hundreds of thousands of people so they're not unique to you. Others sell fake traffic that's actually just bots. Did you know that in 2015 , 2016 and even today as high as 60% of clicks are robot clicks?

It might be tempting to buy email lists but don't do it! Email drops and solo ads can sometimes deliver instant traffic. Unfortunately solo ads produce lower opt-in rates compared to web-based traffic. Also, solo ad lists can get worn out and saturated.

You go with an ad vendor, they run ads for you and your team and you start competing with each other for the same prospects. This is a bad idea and can lead to debt instead of prospects.

The odds in MLM are dismal overall which makes me all the more impressed when someone does well. 95 out of a hundred people in direct sales fail in their home-based business and 90% of all new distributors never make a list of people to contact about their business. So your odds aren't great. Probably because everyone is self-taught or trying to figure it out on their own with limited sales ability or experience.

How to Get MLM Leads

You need a stream of high-quality prospects that are searching for a home business opportunity and here's what Luciano has done. I know he sounds like a member of the Italian mafia but I always love to talk to him because he's so passionate about his business and work. I'm very careful about buying leads or that industry because it can go downhill fast. I only share this because I've worked with Luciano on a project and trust him.

This is how he gets MLM leads. He runs ads online that go to a landing page. Then a call center calls everyone who said they want home business opportunities. Once someone submits their information online, they get a call where the call center interviews them, gathers information and qualifies them as legit. The leads are all US only.

Here are some of the Options for Funnel Prospects leads

This is a sample of the pricing options and features for each package.

See all the packages

These leads are searching online for a business opportunity that allows them to get started and earn an income from their home. This is a great way to get a quality lead at a low cost and exclusive to you for a certain period of time. It's USA Only based unique traffic. No 70% top 5 english-speaking countries our traffic is 100% USA based.

There are options based on how old the leads are, how exclusive they are, etc.

Once the order's placed you get a file with the following info:
• First Name
• Last Name
• Phone Number
• Ip address and Date

There is a female only prospect list that can be targeted to a specific geographic area (area codes). This is the one I think will do best for bloggers or those who sell mostly to women.

Live Phone Interviewed Leads
This lead type means you speak only to serious prospects who'll be expecting your call. These are delivered in real-time. Out of 25 leads usually there's only 1 that's qualified and fits. They need to have a min of 10 hours per week to work on their business, own a computer, have internet, have money to invest, etc. You get the name of the agent who talked to them so you can use it when you're following up.

Let me run some quick math. If you're paying .90 cents per click for a decent solo ad that gives you 70% top 5 english-speaking countries you’re really paying a $ 1.17 per click, when you add in the 30% non-responsive traffic that you’re paying for. Let's say your landing page converts at 33% (which is very high) you are paying on average $3.51 per lead.

If half of these new leads are bots that means you're paying $7.02 per prospect to view your offer. If your sales page converts at a standard 1% you would
need to spend $702 to get just one new customer. That's going to make it really hard to make a profit!

You don't just promote your business but you can help your downline do the same. Get them into a Facebook group and/or email list of your own and you have a much stronger chance at making your home business work!

Get Me Some Network Marketing Leads


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