Business to Business Marketing (B-to-B) Report

I just listened to a conference call with MarketingSherpa on new research on B-to-B Marketing. As always, very valuable. They talked to 1,900 online B-to-B marketers who have implemented various marketing techniques.

Here’s some of what they found:

  • Content written by someone who is passionate about what you do usually a technical person. Avoid marketing speak at all costs. Build content around personas.Personas are fictitious profiles of typical customers to help you target your message specifically to people like them. Come up with maybe 10 typical groups of people who you market to. Break up your marketing to appeal to each type. Use the terminology they would use, advertise where they will see you, design your landing page or web site to appeal to them, etc.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing and measured results virual marketing – getting your own customers to tell other people how great your product or company is.
  • Use multiple methods to reach people.
    The sales cycle is often long and getting longer. You can’t get a lead and let it go cold. So use the traditional ways: trade shows, public relations, ads in magazines, etc. And use the Web 2.0 or emerging technologies: podcasts, blogging, webinars, white papers, and web-optimized press releases.

Small companies found the most success (these were the most effective methods used) with:

  1. Offers in 3rd party newsletters – get your name associated with bigger brands in your space by getting in their newsletters. (70%)
  2. Paid Search advertising on search engines (68%)
  3. White paper syndication service, online ads in your industry, and emails to 3rd party lists (all around 58%)

Least effective for small business: online ads on general business sites. Expensive and you don’t have the brand pull to get a good return.

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