Commission Junction Award Winners 2007

I was at the awards ceremony but to be honest I couldn't hear a thing. It was outside, people were talking, and I couldn't see the stage. However, I want to congratulate the winners of the Commission Junction Horizon Awards for affiliate marketers and merchants who run affiliate programs. I know one of the winners and met another at CJU.

Advertiser: Theresa Tao, – who I got to sit by at lunch the next day and chat with. She's incredibly down-to-earth.
Publisher: Craig Cassata,

Advertiser: HP Home and Home Office Store
Publisher: Liquid Apogee – I met Justin Bowen a few years ago at Affiliate Summit. After several years of working hard, he quit his job at Nasa to be a full-time affiliate. He's a class act and friend. Congrats!

Innovation Award:
Advertiser: MidPhase Services
Publisher: Move Marketing

Global Vision
MNP Enterprises

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