Dan Henry Gets $400 in Baby Gifts With $8 Facebook Ad Spend

Facebook ads guru Dan Henry is bragging about his latest Facebook ad win and it's a creative one! He and his wife are having their first baby soon. He decided to see if he could generate baby gifts by running ads to his Amazon Baby Registry

In 15 minutes and with $8 in ad spend Dan got $400 in baby gifts. This may not work so well for someone who doesn't have a following but Dan does and his work has helped a lot of people make the big bucks. So he just gave his followers a chance to say thank you and give back.

He didn't talk about his targeting but I'm going to assume it's to people who like his page. Here's a screenshot of the ad:

Here are the piles of boxes they got so far…

As of this writing they had 67/94 items purchased. You can buy him an Amazon gift card for as little as $10 up to $2,000.

No one has purchased the baby mattress he listed as a “must have” yet! Although I say go for a Newton Baby mattress that baby can breath through!

Happy to see local Utah company Owlet high tech breathing monitor is on the list too.

Have a Facebook page for yourself and want to start your own baby registry of your own? Create an Amazon Baby Registry


I'm taking the AdEspresso Facebook ads course and they encourage us experiment and try new ad types.

What's the most creative Facebook ad you've seen?

Btw, this post is an experiment too!

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