Day 5: Ford’s Foursquare Road Trip

What if your car could tweet and check in? It could be the ultimate mobile device or smart car and gives new meaning to the word auto.

I love a good summer road trip and Ford is testing some killer ideas with their “American Journey 2.0” research project. They've teamed up with Intel, Microsoft and students from the University of Michigan to give their custom apps a spin. The apps connect the car to social media.

The road trip started in Michigan and ended at Maker Faire in San Mateo, California on May 22th.

Ford developed an app called “Auto”matic Blog which tweets from the car called @AJFiesta on Twitter. Another app auto check-ins at stops. It also looks for nearby sites to see like gas stations, restaurants and points of interest. They tweet pictures too (which are actually sort of funny in their nerdiness).

If Mark Cuban has anything to say about it – auto check ins from Foursquare are going to be the norm using face recognition software. You'll have to curate your privacy settings but you won't have to worry about manual Foursquaring.

A car that doesn't tweet or checking in with Foursquare? That is so 2010!

Source: PRNewswire press release

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