Facebook Ad and Funnel Marketing Example of the Day: Gold’s Gym

As part of my focus on funnel marketing, I will feature some of my favorite Facebook ads and funnels. I reached out to Gold's through their Facebook page to find out if they used ClickFunnels (what I use and I'm an affiliate) or other funnel software but couldn't get an answer. I don't think their social media manager understood what funnels are. So I didn't get a lot of details beyond these screenshots.

Last week I blogged about Seaquest Interactive Aquarium's Facebook launch and how they used ads for their launch and got 3x return on their spend.

This ad and funnel showed up in my Facebook feed today. It's for Gold's Gym, which has locations near me. Obviously now is a great time to promote a fitness offer. After the holidays, every January, people want to slim down. I'm surprised I don't see more fitness ads for local gyms near me.

Here's the inital ad and offer:

Gold's Gym Facebook Ad

Here's the landing page:

Gold's Gym funnel

I really like how they matched the images. The form asks for first/last name, phone number, location (dropdown) and email address. There are trust builders (“Voted best gym in Northern Utah”). It's a limited time offer which builds some urgency.

Here's the Thank you Page:

I like that this is a photo taken at a Gold's Gym.

I got my email and here's what it looked like with the voucher in the body of the email:

Facebook ad voucher

This was a simple discount funnel and it works great for gyms, dentists, chiropractors and other service-oriented businesses that are familiar to everyone.

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