How I Use Fiverr to Outsource Blogging and Marketing Tasks

Fiverr (affiliate link) is one of my favorite ways to get low cost help for my online business. I've used Fiverr for everything from a blog graphic, Pinterest pin graphic, book covers, cartoons, and ads or Facebook and Twitter.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that has freelancers all over the world that you can hire to do jobs for you, starting at $5. They can design a logo, create an ad, and perform other tasks (read on to learn how I use Fiverr). It's a reputable place where thousands of people offer services to bloggers and business owners. Think of it as your on-demand virtual assistant or way to find people to hire.

Fiverr has services for things like:

  • Logo design
  • Sales copywriting
  • Website setup
  • Domain transfers
  • Sitemap creation
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Writing/editing blog posts or articles
  • Editing graphics or videos
  • Being a virtual assistant
  • Creating an explainer video for your product
  • Voiceovers or video transcriptions (for your YouTube video, for example)
  • Authentic product reviews
  • Social media shares
  • Drawings or cartoons of you to use on your “about us” page or to make holiday themed versions of your profile pictures
  • Twitter background/Facebook cover image
  • and MUCH, much more…

Fiverr Review

I'm a fan of Fiverr. Disclosure: I recommend Fiverr to so many people I decided to be an affiliate too. I've used Fiverr for years and have my favorite sellers. Fiverr can actually be a great way to get work done fast and cheap. Over the years though sellers have gotten more savvy and there are a ton of upsells.

I use Fiverr for blogging tasks like making pins for my posts (I use ronishwartz). I paid Vash on Fiverr to put AdSense ads on my blog and use Amazon ads as a backup. I paid $25 to have them installed on 2 blogs. My ad income has done much better since – more than double! I make more than I did using an ad network and the ads are less intrusive. Honestly, I keep ads because it motivates me to blog. It's passive income and part of my plan to be a queen of revenue streams.

Note: for development work I prefer People Per Hour. They have additional features I love like how you can see who is online and specifically pitch them to get a project done fast. I usually spend around $25 for smaller jobs but I have hired people to add an Amazon store to my blog and to change domain names without losing SEO. I'm going to hire one of the people I like working with (Vish) to remake an entire website that Bluehost deleted after they told my co-owner they had the site backed up. Thanks Bluehost (sarcasm – I don't recommend them if you're serious about blogging).

Another feature I wish Fiverr has is that I can chat with anyone – even if I don't hire them. I always test with a small project and see how good their communication and work is. If they're good I hire them and trust them with a larger project. I have had one project that I had to hire someone to fix/finish a job but it was still fast and inexpensive compared to hiring a developer any other way.

I've also use People Per Hour to have someone write blog posts for another blog I have. I still edit and add images to the post but it saves me a ton of time when it comes to an ecommerce type of post that doesn't need my expertise.

How to Outsource Blogging Tasks

When to Pay for Fiverr Upsells

Sometimes it's worth it to pay for upsells. Here are times when it's a good idea:

  • When you need something done very fast. I had a very hot campaign and so it was worth the upsell to get it done faster.
  • If the upsell will significantly improve the quality of what you get.
  • If it's for fun or for a paid campaign. If you're going to make money on the post it may be worth it to pay more. I sometimes use Fiverr for Facebook images and (for example,) it's ok if it's black and white. Other times I'll pay more for color.

Look at Reviews

Always look at the reviews of any sellers you want to hire. Read them. If they're vague and generic, skip over that person. Try to look up any claims. If they say they'll tweet something to their 10,000 followers, confirm that they have them and go to Twitter to see their interaction and level of quality. Sometimes the work shown is not the quality of work you'll get.

You also need to do a good job at explaining what you want and give clear direction and examples. Give the seller as detailed of instructions as possible, showing mockups or examples of what you're looking for. That affects the quality of work dramatically.

Sometimes breaking down a job into smaller chunks will help. First, you give them a very basic project and if you like the seller's work, then give them something more difficult.
Fiverr marketing services

Here are Some Fiverr Gigs I've Paid For

Christmas Facebook image – I used Fiverr to make a drawing of me in a Christmas sweater that I used for my Facebook profile image in December.

fiverr drawing


Facebook Ad Images I had images created that I used for a Facebook ad campaign – my most successful campaign ever.

Here's the basis of an ad (I added text because it's harder for them to get it right than just doing it myself in Canva).

Fiverrr Facebook ad

I'm not the only one who likes to use to design Facebook ads. Check out this post from Adespresso about their test. Read the article (and if you run Facebook ads consider getting Adespresso). They compared work from Fiverr, Upwork, and 99 Designs. The work done on Fiverrr got the most clicks and impressions.

“…judging purely by visual quality Fiverr had given us by far the best product.”

Sponsored Tweets
I paid for people to tweet about a Kickstarter or other program I want to promote. Unsure about results. I recommend that you look at the person's Twitter feed and see what they tweet about, if they're getting retweets, and if you think the quality is good. I found one person that way and he was so good I ended up hiring him a few times.

Landing Pages
I've had a landing page created – which ended up costing $125. I haven't tested it yet but was happy with the work.

Facebook Cover Images
I got a Facebook cover image designed. This one I wasn't crazy about but it was only $5. I think I'd start again with more examples and better direction. To me the big challenge is the font. If it's not right then your image can look cheap.


I've gotten designs for my clients (I manage Facebook pages), event page images, and Twitter backgrounds. I gave them the photograph and they added words to several.

Image Quotes
Here's an example:

Fiverr example

I would use Fiverr for ebook design/cover designs and even formatting text to make it Kindle-friendly.

Bloggers Only: Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program

I'm also a Fiverr affiliate. Fiverr has an affiliate program on the affiliate network called Affiliate Window. Here's the link if you want to sign up too.

Apply for Affiliate Window first (ironically it's $5 but you get it back when you make your first sale). Then after you're accepted, apply for the Fiverr program.

I actually paid someone on Fiverr $5 to create an ad about Affiliate Window for me. If you sign up, be sure to use their WordPress plugin which will automatically convert any links to an affiliate link as long as you have been accepted into the program of that merchant.

Fiverr for Online Marketing

Fiverr recently improved their Online Marketing category. First, they changed the name from Online Marketing to Digital Marketing.

They added new Digital Marketing subcategories:

  • SEM: Increase your web traffic with PPC and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Email Marketing: Create and run highly effective email campaigns.
  • Influencer Marketing: Work with influencers to market your product.
  • Content Marketing: Get original content created and distributed.
  • Local Listings: Create, improve or maintain your business on local sites.
  • Mobile Advertising: Promote your product to mobile consumers.
  • Marketing Strategy: Develop strategic marketing plans to meet your goals.

They renamed several subcategories too:

  • Social Marketing is now called Social Media Marketing
  • Get Traffic is now called Web Traffic
  • Fan Pages is merged with Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research, Bookmarking & Links are merged with SEO & SEM
  • Blog Mentions, Article & PR Submission are merged with Influencer Marketing & Content Marketing

What Not To Do on Fiverr

I want to try out some more digital marketing services on Fiverr. However, I won't buy likes on social media. You can but I don't recommend it. I'd rather run Facebook ads to get legit followers that actually like my page. It's cheap and effective. You can literally spend a few dollars a day. Don't use Fiverr for it.

Also, be aware that some people on Fiverr are not honest. If you have a t shirt design that you know will crush it, you may want to go to a pro instead. They may steal your idea and sell the design they created for you. It's happened.

How to Outsource Blogging Tasks

Have you tried Fiverr for online marketing tasks? What were your results like? Any sellers to recommend?

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