Foursquare for Real: 14 Days of How Real Life Businesses Use Foursquare

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Foursquare is a mobile social network where you check-in and share your location and activities with friends. It's a great way for local businesses to reward frequent customers and create loyalty and buzz with social media power users. That's the hip crowd with iPhones and Androids who are very active and vocal online. Foursquare is growing at a phenomenal rate.

14 Days of Foursquare Series

I've partnered with Nigel Swaby and our podcast the Web Marketing Weekly Show for this series. Each business day for the next 2 weeks I will post a new update on how a brand or organization is using Foursquare for their business. I’ll feature everyone from nonprofits to sports teams.

These stories are told almost exclusively through press releases on PRNewswire (link goes to their small business toolkit + special pricing) sent by the companies or organizations themselves.

Where possible I looked for updates on how the campaigns performed. At the end of the series I’ll link to each story. The last post will be a summary post with the best Foursquare tips. There’s something for everyone so don’t miss a day!

6 Quick Facts about Foursquare

  • 64% of Foursquare users are male, 33% are female, and 3% did not specify a gender
  • 55% of users have uploaded a photo
  • 28% of users have linked their Foursquare account to their Facebook account (and probably annoyed them for doing so)

DAY 1: Pennsylvania Taps Foursquare for Tourism

Exclusive Badges for Check Ins
The Pennsylvania Tourism Office is luring tourists to play the Foursquare game with by creating their own badges. They have 3 badges for points of interest throughout the state. They include restaurants, shops and historical landmarks and have discounts and special offers.

Point of Interest Tips
Pennsylvania lists over 100 tips and responses about places of interest in the state. They can be found by people on Foursquare and on their web site on Foursquare – Their web site also has a Foursquare section.

They sent out a press release and developed custom web pages to promote their campaign. If you need an example of how to use Foursquare to encourage multiple check-ins or how government agencies could use it to encourage tourism, Pennsylvania is the model to follow.


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