Google Bikes – Ride your Bike to Work

Google Bikes
So my bicycle sits on my back patio with a sticker saying, “One Less Car”. It hasn’t been ridden for a while and the tire is flat. And with no commute since November there is either too far a distance, or no reason.

Google just announced they are giving their overseas employees a free bike and helmet so they’ll ride to work, be healthier, and to be eco-friendly. They even have a few versions of Google bikes to choose from, including on that folds.

I rode bicycles in Amsterdam on one dream trip (wish I had that image of a small girl standing with a red coat, on a platform in front while her dad pedaled). It’s the funnest place ever to ride a bike. Motorists are used to seeing bicycles and it’s a bit of a game to dodge each other. People are riding their bikes with bug shields, yacking on cell phones, even carrying their kids.

Writing about cool projects like Google bikes, organic locally grown produce in their cafeteria, and solar panels makes me want to work for Google! I had the closest brush when I was talking to Mozilla.

In college my friends and I really got in to riding bicycles and outfitting them with baskets to carry our stuff. I didn’t have a car until my senior year and I only married into one. My friends and I loved to ride our bikes through the hallways at night in the science building. We used to use our bicycles to carry groceries. Hence, I’m known online not just as newspapergrl, but as grocerybike.

To find bike routes, check out bikely.

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