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Guy Kawasaki spoke at the Cisco/Ragan Social Media Summit last week and his was my favorite presentation. Not as in inspiring, standing ovation material but he gave us practical “how to” type of information. I love both. Even though I've been tweeting for years I learned a lot. Hopefully you will too.

Here are 10 things Guy Kawasaki Taught Me About Twitter

    1. Guy Ignores the Twitter police

The Twitter police don't like how Guy tweets. How @GuyKawasaki tweets is how he tweets. He's judged by what he calls the Twitter facists. They don't like that he puts summaries and makes you go to his site to get a link to the original source and other things. He does test everything so he goes by the numbers not by the opinions of others.

Lesson: There's no right way to use Twitter.

    1. Guy doesn't want your friendship – he just wants your clicks

He's not on Twitter to make friends (“I have enough friends – probably too many”). He's after your click (“I don't want to be your friend. I want your click.”) If you click to his web site he gets an impression on ads on that page i.e. he makes money.

Lesson: Social media doesn't have to be about relationships if you create enough value people will still come.

    1. Guy repeats his best tweets

Using a tool called objectivemarketer he has really killer tweets go out 4x every 8 hours. Why? His stats (taken from objectivemarketer) say that he gets thousands of additional retweets when he does. Test this. He warns his new followers about this with a DM (with SocialToo).

Lesson: Schedule out my best tweets to go out a few times at popular times a day.

    1. Guy has a team of researchers who tweet for him

This is also something the Twitter police hate but he does have a team of people who tweet for him. Interesting enough he also lets some trusted brands like National Geographic tweet on his account too. I couldn't see the number but it looks like at least 10 people work for him. They find interesting content or he flags interesting content so they can tweet the links & summary in his behalf. He says that the tweets from the team often do better than his own.

Lesson: I wish I had a team of people who tweeted for me.

    1. Guy uses 3 main sites to get content for his tweets

StumbleUpon by topic or browse all sites (this surprised me!)
SmartBrief who curates articles by topic (a little tough to use – click on the news link).
Alltop which is Guy's site that aggregates blog posts around a topic. You can easily scan many posts to find interesting ones just by mousing over the titles.

He re-writes the titles too.

Lesson: I'm not using StumbleUpon enough! [Click for another way to use it to get traffic to your web site.]

    1. Guy uses an offline blog editor to write blog posts

Since Guy is into Macs he uses marsedit. Since I use PCs I asked him for the equvalent for PCs. This is what he said: Qumana and Ecto. Tools like typinator lets you create shortcuts to nicely tell people no when they ask you to do something ridiculous.

Lesson: Stop using Notebook to compose blog posts – check out one of Guy's suggestions so they can be formatted.

    1. Stats can get Guy in a bad mood

Guy gets depressed when he sees fewer than 500 new followers a day when he checks his stats on Twittercounter. If only.

Lesson: I suck at Twitter.

    1. Where Guy gets pictures

Guy gets pictures on Fotolia and resizes them through (do you know what he uses to edit his pictures? I didn't catch that part).

Lesson: Use more pictures with my posts – in fact, I'm going to add one to this post as soon as I find one from the summit.

    1. How Guy power searches Twitter

If you go to you can search to find your target market or to track brand names and other useful things.  Want to find everyone that says they are a blogger in their bio? Then search like this intext:”bio” blogger

There are more examples on the page I reference below but I also found Tweepsearch to make this easy (but it was down).

Lesson: Use this with new clients who are looking for people to follow.

    1. Guy does online background checks with Spokeo

You put in an email address and you'll get back all sorts of information about a person from Spokeo. Good way to check out that perspective employee or that “social media expert” you want to hire. I see that it thinks I'm in Keizer Oregon and my name is “No Name.” I have some work to do.

Lesson: Check out people on Spokeo before deciding who to go listen to at a conference (and to see who I want to meet).

Note: I wish that SuperShuttle and airports would use Twitter to tell us how long the wait will be for our shuttle or how long the line at security is. I waited several hours to catch my shuttle after my plane got delayed.  I ended up taking a taxi instead — for $129!! Just like the Canadian border service Twitter account @CBSA_BWT tells you how long it will take to cross the border.

Who can argue with success? Guy has over 200k followers and despite his vocal detractors he's rocking Twitter. He also rocked the keynote (my own presentation was not my best yet but I loved the conference and Guy was the best.)


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