How to Improve your Affiliate Program

MarketingSherpa interviewed Joe Raffetto a top affiliate on how to improve your affiliate program. He said go to CJ and personally email affiliates who fit your product. Then follow up with a call. I get the idea there are too few phone calls in this industry. Affiliate managers want to talk to affiliates. Affiliates are used to being somewhat invisible. They both need to talk.

I like how he suggested that you meet in person at industry events, maybe even paying the affiliate's way. He also talks about which affiliate programs he thinks are run best.

Other points:

  • Make sure your program is worth investing in. Good affiliates will only spend money on affiliate programs that convert. That means merchants who have tested their creatives and have some real value to offer affiliates.
  • If you're serious about affiliate marketing show it by hiring a dedicated affiliate manager (if you live in Utah RMAMA is a great place to recruit them, email me for details)

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