How to Rile up the Crowd at CJU

If you want to get a crowd mad at CJU, here are some tips for you. I'm giving out my own awards:

  • Be shamelessly self-promoting. Talk about your greatness and past positions. Promote your site. Make sure there is no real information that will help your audience. Award: Mark Papia, Vice President of Performance Marketing, Fox Interactive Media (
  • Make sure what you talk about is too esoteric for anyone to relate to that isn't in your inner circle. Award: panel that was so hard to follow I can't remember what one it is.
  • Put down search affiliates and give information that is misleading. Make sure Vinny Lingham isn't in the crowd when you do this. Award: this is one I only heard about and didn't attend. There was a shouting match at the end. Too bad I missed it. Someone fill me in on the comments section below.
  • Tell people they can't fly their helicopters in the lobby or outside during networking events. Award: CJU staff.
  • Set up a lab to help people learn how to be power users of your site who don't know much about it. Award: CJU staff – note this was my experience only. Complete waste of time.
  • Now for the positive ways to get a crowd riled up:

  • Give good information based on real-life experience. Be bold and honest in the outcome. Award: Steve August, Operational Vice President of Customer Marketing, Brookstone. What a classy guy
  • Choose an amazingly beautiful location and give people lots of opportunities to network. Award: CJU staff
  • Give clear and well-articulated tips on how to run an affiliate business from someone who knows. Award: Jeremy Palmer. I heard a CEO commented to his staff – we need to hire this guy to consult for us!
  • Conduct relevant and important surveys about the industry and clearly articulate the findings. Award: Rebecca Madigan, Director, Product Management, Commission Junction – she was outstanding.
  • Engage the audience and wow them with your PowerPoint show and grasp of the industry from a high up view. I have never been disappointed by anyone I've heard from Ogilvy and so I'm a big fan. Award: Greg Smith, COO of Neo@Ogilvy North America

To get more news about the affiliate industry check out (thanks for putting my posts on the list!) Affiliate Classroom's news page.

Also, read Revenews bloggers to get their take on the event. Sam Harrelson made some dire predictions (I tried to meet him but no luck). I did get to see Vinny Lingham, Adam Viener, Jeremy Palmer, Justin Bowen, and others.

Fun times.

  1. Sam Harrelson September 12, 2007
  2. Tyler September 13, 2007
  3. Adam Viener September 13, 2007
  4. Troy McDonald September 13, 2007

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