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This is the year I've branched out to some new affiliate networks, including Affiliate Window (I met them at Affiliate Summit). I must admit that although Affiliate Window is similar to a lot of affiliate networks I've used, it had a bit more of a learning curve for me. I was one of their top referring affiliates to their program and I think a lot of bloggers don't know about them.

Affiliate Window is an international network and I think especially ideal for fashion and travel bloggers, but there is something for any niche.


First, remember what I always say – bloggers are affiliate marketing gold. Most affiliate networks are reaching out to bloggers and really want to work with you. You bring quality content and add a lot of value because your stories, reviews, perspective and audiences are usually the highest quality leads.

“Content producers — bloggers, article writers, and other content-driven websites (per AffiliateBenchmarks 2013 Global Advertiser Research Report this is the most desired type of affiliates out there).”

Affiliate networks and programs love bloggers because you provide valuable content. Here are the hot niches…


Why Bloggers Should Sign Up For Affiliate Window

Why do you want to join Affiliate Window? Because they have some great programs including international merchants, several perfect for travel or entertainment, and because they have Etsy (both US and Canada). I'd argue that you'd also join Affiliate Window because they have the Opportunity Marketplace – more on that below. Just be aware that Etsy takes a long time to approve new affiliates, so apply now before you plan your posts.

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Affiliate Window Requires a $5 Deposit to Join. Here's Why.

I couldn't believe it myself but I checked and it's true. It's only $5 and you get it back as soon as you're approved. You need a minimum of $20 for your first payout. It's an ID verification tool and probably helps make sure that you're serious about being an affiliate with Affiliate Window.

You Need to Give Affiliate Window Your Social Security Number – For Tax Purposes

When someone asks for your social security number you might freak out a little. Affiliate Window and really any blogger or affiliate network you work with needs your social security number so they can send  tax forms (and you must report the income to the IRS).

How to Sign Up For Programs

Now that you've created an account and gotten accepted, you are in the Affiliate Network network. That just means you're official. The next step is to sign up for programs (merchants) and get links to them. It's a little confusing but once you learn it, it's not hard at all.

Sorry I'm terrible at graphics but here's an image to help show you. Click on “Advertisers” then “Join Programs”. You'll get a list of programs you can join. Click the green arrow to the far right of the program to apply. There are also links to the banners and text ads. I always look at the conversion rates to see how the program performs. I like Etsy and Travelzoo.

Always use search on any affiliate network. It's a fast way to see if the networks has a specific program.


Create Links to Products You're Blogging About

After you join a program, it might take a day or so to get accepted. They'll ask how you intend to promote the product – which for many of you will be through blogging (content marketing). Once you've gotten an email saying you're approved, it's time to start creating blog posts and linking to products using your affiliate link.

Many affiliates do nothing or very little to promote a program. I think of affiliate links like Johnny Appleseed. You sprinkle them in posts and some of them grow into sales. Then you promote the ones you get sales from even more.

Deep Link With Link Builder

Deep linking is just a way of saying that instead of linking to the home page, link directly to the product page. After you join a program and get accepted, it's easy with the Link Builder. Go to Links & Tools >> Link Builder.  You put in a URL to a page on their website and get back your affiliate link to use or the HTML to put into your blog post.

Don't forget to link images with your affiliate link. Remember, the default is to link to a bigger version of the image. But you can change that by clicking on the image and changing a link. Also, for SEO purposes be sure to write your alt tags to be original and use your keywords (instead of leaving that part blank or accepting the default).

Try The Opportunity Marketplace

The Opportunity Marketplace is a great feature on Affiliate Window. It's a way for you to pitch businesses (or merchants as they're called) on sponsored posts or other collaborations. I tried it once and the merchant wasn't open to working with me (they seemed a bit caught off guard). I'd like to learn more but basically you can send a message and see if they'll work with you. Let's say you'll be in Vegas and want to see a show. You could use the Opportunity Marketplace to see if you could get free tickets, maybe even a hotel room and then blog about the experience (and use your affiliate links).

Use Convert-a-Link and WordPress Plugin

This tool is pretty simple. You put a single strip of code on your blog or use the Affiliate Window WordPress plugin to turn all your links into affiliate links without doing any work. You control your post and choose what will be a link, so extra links aren’t added which could overwhelm the page.

When you use Convert-a-Link, any link on your blog that goes to one of Affiliate Window's merchants will automatically converted into an affiliate link for you. It even works on old posts! Let's say you link to something on Etsy – it will automatically become an affiliate link. You'll click on the link – then watch your address bar as the URL magically changes into your affiliate link and on to the product on Etsy.

Affiliate Window has a WordPress plugin you can download which I highly recommend. There is also a Google Chrome extension.

Ideas On Ways to Promote Affiliate Window

Tickets are hot. Tickets to concerts and events do well. Entertainment is a huge niche. Do you blog about events you've been to? Movies you've seen? Concerts? Sports events? Or trips you'be been on? You can easily include affiliate links tickets in your posts.  The best part is you can use it for both local and events in other states. Here's a list of programs they have in the US.

Gift lists don't just work for the holidays, they can work for just about any topic. Here's an example. I used the plugin, linked to the Etsy page where the products were found and it automatically made the links into affiliate links for me. WOW. That has to be my very favorite feature so far on Affiliate Window!

Click to Join Affiliate Window.

Let me know if you have any questions about Affiliate Window that I can answer.


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