I Hit the B-to-B Copywriting Jackpot!

I have been looking for a place to read more about B-to-B copywriting. I'm convinced that it is VITAL I learn to do it better. After all, writing can sell. The choice of words, the ordering of words, the size and font and color of words. This is all very important.

Good copy is what online marketing needs. I love to read a site that is well written. Don't make me search to find out what you do. Don't even make me think too hard.

Today I found Bob Bly‘s (nice alliteration) blog. He's a high-tech B-to-B copywriter. He has a list of links to other B-to-B copywriters and blogs. I  hit the jackpot. Thanks for blogging Bob. My thank you gift to you: a link, something we all want more of. I've got to order his book…The Copywriter's Handbook

Another resource for copywriting for search engine traffic by MarketingSherpa. How-to Kit: Tweaking Your Site's Copy to Get More Search Engine Traffic

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