If Seth Godin was a Teacher

If Seth Godin was a teacher he'd tell you not to get an MBA. Then you'll spend your time and money learning what is already outdated. Professors spend 20 years trying to master something that by the time you hear is obsolete. Save your money and if you're not going to make money anyway, get a job at a nonprofit for two years (work for free) and learn how things work.

If Seth Godin taught your high school class he'd tell you 3 things:

  1. No one cares about you at all – so GET OVER IT
  2. Go start selling things on eBay (he really did say that – students if you're reading this – eBay is a safe, easy place to learn marketing. It really is.).
  3. Get good at telling stories. Tell stories about who you are. What you do. That is how to market – by telling great stories

Seth Godin did teach a college class. Here's how it went: your grade is 100% on class participation. He had students stand in front of the class, use their cell phone and call someone to sell them a magazine subscription. In a completely safe atmosphere. Some couldn't do it. 1/3 of the class failed.

So here's my story: I'm a teacher. I teach old farmers in the midwest with dialup connections how to make money online. And most of the time it's pretty inspiring.

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  1. Robert Merrill May 29, 2007

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